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Re: Clothes Swap

Sep 19, 2013

smokingpistol wrote:
thanks KANE and yes I even got an email in my inbox because you used that @ symbol with my name. thats never happened before

Is new when someone uses the @ and mentions your name you will receive a notification


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Re: Clothes Swap

Sep 20, 2013

No. The Gothic Suit I'm talking about is charcoal grey with white pinstripes, a red cravat and ruffled cuffs and collar. It was available in Threads a while back, but it wasn't working when I selected it (which didn't really matter, because I own it--it was just a test).


No bites on the Irem bathing suit? Anyone?

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Re: Clothes Swap

Sep 21, 2013
Well I am very interested in irem clothes, but heard only kimono work for EU... and I am a European so some things will and others won't work.

At the moment an other big interest goes to feva arena clothes. I think these may work since Europe seems to have had them but removed from the shops now.
I really like the "Parka with animal motif" So if anyone can help me to one of the colours or else all that would be very nice.
My favourite ones are the 2 orange/green ones, but I also like the other 2 colour combinations. So it doesn't matter so much.
If some one could help me with these or maybe irem kimono ^_^ It'll make me very happy.
As for bathing suit not sure if that'll work for EU...
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