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Re: Check out what I made with my creative mind

Feb 8, 2013
It is awesome..
One thing many of us like to do is use up our items all the way. Max em up. 100 is still not enough u know..
Also there so much stuff to add for an even better disco or light show and things that would also help u put everything u have put together even more so of a disco. More rockin'
Theres these items called animated multi color shelf. Theyre awesome container pieces much like what u have in use for ur cookie cutter. but in disco lites fashion.
Another thing i think would look great there is the sodium neon puzzle piece.
Excellent item. Totally disco.
Check it out. And dont forget juggernaut and loot have awesome disco items as well.
Juggernaut just released a party spotlight and loot has a searchlight and smoke machine.
Disco ball from high roller lvl 6 always completes the dancefloor.
The new quest reward and oh so much more.
I have all these items and my studio has now been turned into a dancefloor.
If u wanna scope em out send me a shoutout.

Look around.. And make what u have even better.
- Restless Dreams.
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Re: Check out what I made with my creative mind

Feb 8, 2013

If we had more than 100 slots, that guitar dance floor would look much better, funny thing is when I made the dance area, it didn't take up all 100 slots, i had a few left, not that much though

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