Nov 05 2013
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Can anyone help me with the 3D printer?

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When I go to Acorn Meadows Park, it immediately gives me a message saying that I have a credit and to go to the 3D printer to use it.

Well I have gone to the 3D printer and cannot find anywhere showing a credit, so I tried making a purchase and there was no credit, I paid for what I got.

Anyone have any ideas on where to find the credit?

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Re: Can anyone help me with the 3D printer?

Nov 6, 2013

     I don't know that sounds really awkward to me.  First thing I would do is clear my cache...


Road Map:


Start > Options > Cache > Clear Cache

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Re: Can anyone help me with the 3D printer?

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Nov 6, 2013

Ok. Go to VEEMEE laser printer click "Play".


Then click onto the middle option "Gift". You'll have three options. Click onto the bottom option "Reject".


You should see your refund there. Click onto that and you should be good to go.Woman Happy


Ooops! I forgot the most important part. Until the gift item is rejected by the person you sent it too. Your refund won't show up.Woman Happy

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