Dec 25 2012
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Calling all Home directors and minibotters!

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So for those of you who haven't noticed, I've been working on a few projects to help improve MiniBots' popularity in Home while it lacks a public space(...for now? :3). So here's the reason for the open call...



This... mediocre video of mine is the beginning of a channel on YouTube strictly for users to record/upload their own Arenas they've created, for users to see new ideas, get a feel for them, and possibly recreate them in their own space if they so desired. Having the creations of multiple users uploaded to a central place to share would help populate the game, and give a better variety of ideas to float around as the game grows.


To any MiniBotters and videographers interested, I'm looking for people who like to build, like to record/edit, and/or like to just game!


The Kuma Klub is the NA branch, The Kuma Lounge is the EU branch, if you're interested, please send a request to the club of your region, they are run by myself and mclaren6, so if you send us a friend request with "MiniBots Club" in the message we'll accept and send you a club invite. (Neither of us accept blank adds.)


NOTE: Please excuse the dancing bear. o.o Apparently the 'glass' for the arena is not passable by active cameras, so I had to have the avatar do something besides stand there. XD

I don't budlist-add on forums, and blank PSN requests get ignored!
Missing Rewards -over a year old, still never fixed! 3-4 months worth of items still MIA.
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