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*CLUB* Dirty Angels Recruiting

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Hello, Dirty Angels is a fun exciting  all female Burlesque Club, applicants must be mature individuals, Dirty Angels is NWS (Not workplace safe) nor approved for minors XD, during special events the club theme may incorporate special outfits ( ex easter bunny oufits or xmas outfits in a sexualized way) members must be self confident and enjoy sexifying their avitars :3 members expected to dress appropriate to club theme in public areas (Risque/Provocative).

a thorough explanation of our clubs main rules/expectations please enjoy

1) Club Tags and Club themed Colours
2) Club Attire (theme being sexualized rebellion)
3) Party/Event attendance

each rule has a reason and an exception to it,

1) Club Tages and Club themed Colours

Members are expected for the convenience of others in the club including myself to use the club tags once they have joined, club themed pop up colours including pink, purple, red and the various options associated with each colour, reason being that I cannot be able to remember all the names of club members as some may come and go, and I certainly don't expect other guild members to know each other by heart, so a general colour with club tags helps denote other club members from other people, the exception to this is if other club leaders join Dirty Angels, they may if they wish keep using their own club tags :3

2) Club Attire

being Dirty Angels and a pro female club we like to promote our feminism and club by wearing sexualized and rebellious clothing around public and private spaces, often considered skimpy we look at players who enjoy showing skin to have self confidence and enjoy showing off their avatar :3, the exception being if too much unwanted attention arises you may if u wish wear something elegant but sexy like dresses or something cute like a shirt with a tank top or tube top :3, reason being is that fams and clubs that spam recruiting messages get blocked, and I have thought of a way to promote our members and the club's main theme by dressing up :3

3) Party/Event Attendance

we hold weekly parties and events every Saturday night, unless said in mail send weeks in advance, members are expected to make it to 2 or more events per month if not all, reason for this is that the club would benefit from being seen as cooperative and active, the exception being if a real life emergency were to occupy you'd be exempt, as well new members aren't required to attend events on the week they join, so they have time to clear their schedule for parties and events.

There are 2 things that will get members kicked immediately if I see happening

Trolling - kicked but may be reinvited depending on the situation ..

Cross Dressing - members caught cross dressing are very unlikely to get back into the club Dirty Angels

Message me for an invite on forums with your ID on home or message me via psn XMB @ Divy_Dragon























































































Club Leader of Dirty Angels... Home's Only Adult Burlesque Club :3

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Re: Dirty Angels Recruiting

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Jun 28, 2013

Hello everyone,


Anyone interested in joining the club can PM the OP directly.  Thank you.

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