May 28 2012
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Bring Back The Central Plaza !!

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One Of the main reasons why i got a ps3, was because of playstation home. Through the gameplay i seen cool glitiches, beautifial music, and a good way to meet others. Don't Get me wrong i didnt like it for just the communication, I liked it for the cool features like, the mall, gaming lounge and the play space. I also liked that you can vote on music that you like. Rather than an automatic pick of music.I also liked tha the menu was a psp. That was neat. With the new ps home, i was mispleased. I dont like the Hub. Its not fun at all. Let me start with the music. I hate the fact that you can't choose it. and i hate the fact that it's constantly loud rock music or somtimes underground rappin. Next Is the menu. I'm not to mad or focused on this but, i do prefer the psp rather than a regular choice, i know this is hard to explain but just go see for yourself. Another thing that  bothered me was that all little places that refer to games or a theme, is Central Plaza all beat up or covered with debris. So basically what im trying to say is that, well you read to title.. So if you can just take some time and pitch in this, because i know im not the only one who disagree on the Hub. So spread the word and don't forget to add me and maybe we can make a change ! Lol..

The Old Times..

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Re: Bring Back The Central Plaza !!

May 28, 2012

Really ?

Another thread ?

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