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Re: Booooo @HomeCensors

Jul 8, 2013
I have no idea.. good question though. I haven't really been bothering with reporting anything lately. Unless its one of those absolutely necessary situations. As far as i can see i dont believe whatever company that is responsible for home really seem to care what people do anymore. So why should i ya know.

More power to them they can make themselves look as immature as they like with their club, in fact it gives me a heads up on who to avoid as soon as they walk up. I would just like to have a hufflepuff club for when im in the pottermore spaces. Which wont really be to much longer unless they plan on adding any new activities..
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Re: Booooo @HomeCensors

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Jul 8, 2013

Camarada_Max wrote:



If you see any offensive club name be sure to report it or send a mensage privado (private message) to (HomeForumMods)



As I said, you can report right on Home without the need to send a message to the mod from the XMB or come here. Just report them in the usual way and then type a slash (/) PM and then "ModNote" and your message in the chat log.

The above comment is my opinion, except when I quote someone I disagree with, and unless I state a fact. You can disagree with my opinion, but facts are facts.
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