Oct 12 2012
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[ Backing Up Your Personal Data From Home ]

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I thought I would take the time and write yet another thread as I did on the old PS forums and too help people so they can easily get back on home with little to no problems at all.


All you need is a USB pen drive and a little know how to get your way around things on XMB.


Here I'll explain how.


Most pen drives are pretty cheap these days and all you really need is a 4gig one, but depending on the size of your data sizes may very. If you can afford it, get the biggest one you can get.


1. Plug in your newly USB Pen drive in your USB port located in front of your PS3.


2. Go to your XMB and go to GAMES and then go to SAVE DATA UTILITY PS3 / PLAYSTATION HOME I suggest you hit SQUARE and group content by TITLE.


3. Go into PLAYSTATION HOME, select the first file with TRIANGLE, COPY MULTIPLE, SELECT ALL, answer OK.


4. SELECT DESTINATION, select your new USB Pen Drive, and answer OK and it'll copy all or those files that you selected.


That's pretty much. This will save you the time to redo everything is for some reason you lose the Home data. Only takes a few mins and very easy to do, and anyone can do it. Have any questions feel free to leave me a message and I can walk you through it.

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Re: [ Backing Up Your Personal Data From Home ]

Oct 12, 2012

Hey Mike, good idea.  A lot of people don't think to back up their data till it's too late.  For example, a few weeks ago, a friend sent me a message she had lost her dolphies and was completely freaked out.  I asked her if she had backed up her data like I had suggested a few months prior to this.  She said she had backed it up the previous week, but forgot about that.  So she copied her saved Script Settings file into her Home data and, presto, got her dolphies and statistics back, losing only a weeks worth of wins since her last back up.  These losses can occur for no apparent reason, on new consoles as well as old, so personally, I advise everyone to back up their data.  Smiley Happy  Dean

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