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Re: Aurora (OMG Trap-O-Matic)?

May 23, 2012

Mkay so let's sum this up:

To those bashing nDreams. Are you just magically poofing into Aurora? Dangit Wanda and Cosmo get your baby under control.

But seriously here's how Aurora works (dividing up the consumers)

Poor people that can't give Sony a penny for their time:

You get 3 games you can play absolutely free, all with rewards. Be grateful for christ sake, if us paid users had it our way you'd get jack squat.

People that pay a buck here or there:

There are items that give you more exp, increase Orb Runner skills, increase Sky Fishing skills, and increase chances of winning in Trap-O-Matic. Now if you think you should pay $5 and get advantages at EVERYthing, is it really nDreams that is being greedy or yourself? Pay for what you play nothing more.

My lovers and those that actually admire the people that spend a crapload of man hours maintaining Sony:

For $30-$40 you can be king/queen of all things Aurora. But for the fact that this gets you a total of 4 spaces, several active items, and a crap load of furniture/clothing it's really not all bad. I mean if we have a disposable income, it's ok that we might not like or use everything we get.

Note I say Sony because #1 I mean in general spending terms on home, and #2 because they still get royalties on content providers' revenue.

In conclusion, Aurora is strategically crafted to suit any individual's spending needs, and you need to remember Aurora is just a fraction of Home - if you want more for free it's only because you got your toes wet and enjoyed it ^.-


On topic-

My experience with Trap-O-Matic:

Miss, Smoke Machine, miss & bought chair, donut, ansada fone, miss -waiting for next trap.

I only state this to point out it is plausible to get lucky, just keep your head about you and be patient =]

Good luck trapping and remember Home is a whole virtual world and community, not a hairy creature with a cage on it. If you remember that I think you'll be a bit more ok with not winning every day =p

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Re: Aurora (OMG Trap-O-Matic)?

May 23, 2012

Mr_Bipolar wrote:

So, 4 days straight I been checking this Aurora (OMG Trap-O-Matic). I haven't got squat. Even with the four leaf clover chair should at least snagged something within the 4 days.

As you could see from my other thread Survey: OMG Trap-O-Matic *still* inconsistent in reward delivery? for some users, there can be a considerable delays in the times that the Trap doles out rewards.  I'll be updating that thread as I get more data, but some people seem to get something every other day, and some people get something perhaps once or twice a week.

Couple quick questions for you though, MBp, which might help in getting the rewards.

1. Are you allowing Aurora to load completely once you enter the space, before you run over and check the Trap?  I always make sure that neither the WWW nor HDD icons are active onscreen, and that the Collect-O-Rama traffic cone has fully materialized before I go and open up my Trap-O-Matic.

     The presence of the cone indicates, at least, that the nDreams gameserver connection itself is alive and well.  And yes, that's kind of important for tracking your progress in Aurora; no, you don't need to complete Collect-O-Rama to get the Trap rewards.

2. Have you been checking the Trap immediately after it counts down to 0:00:00, or do you wait a bit beforehand?  I suspect the following may be a bug, but anecdotal evidence suggests that leaving the Trap unchecked for at least 20 minutes (or a couple hours or days more) produces better results.  In one five day period where I checked the Trap within a minute of it reaching zero, I got absolutely nothing for that week.  So it seems to give bugged results in that sense.

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Re: Aurora (OMG Trap-O-Matic)?

May 23, 2012

I've have to sent a mail to nDreams for this issue.

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