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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

Aug 5, 2014

                 Lockwood Gift Machine


Would it be possible for Lockwood to allow us to buy an item from the Gift Machine for ourselves as well as purchasing and sending a gift to a friend? Other Home Developers have this option, I don't see why the "creators of gifting in Home" won't do this, too?


Maybe make it so that as a gift, the price for an item would be lower, but as a personal purchase the price can be slightly higher. This will help emphasize that the Gift Machine is primarily meant for gifting ohers - a social tool for all of us.

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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

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Aug 5, 2014

How about a wolf pack cave club house similiar to this?


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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

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Aug 9, 2014

When I was playing on home I saw somebody doing the chicken dance. Then this came to mind.


Home needs chicken suit because the dance is not the same with out it. :smileyvery-happy:

Also comes in different colors.


And finally I like to see a Kangaroo mount lmo that comes in 2 versions with and without boxing gloves.

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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

Aug 5, 2014

*lmo's eating popcorn 

*2 player lmo's while sitting together 

* A camera which we can use while filming while using our LMO's. 

* inspecting furnitures in other peoples places instead of looking in the store.

*updating the bowling alley with another floor on top for a dance area  with a lounge area. 

* instead of buying a ps plus for different hair colors and etc. make it a bundle for 5 hair colors and makeup. 

*storage for our hairstyles without searching them and spending too much time in wardrobe.


popcorn .2.jpgpopcorn.jpgpopcorn eating.3.jpg2person sitting.3.jpg2person sitting.2.jpgsexy mini dress.jpgsexy mini dress1.jpg


Different poses not the same ones we already have. 



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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

Aug 5, 2014

@Conrad_Max Why should we have to pay more for the option to give to ourselves?  No other Dev charge extra for that option.  Lockwood just needs to get on board and revamp their gift machine.  Time for a redo it was the very 1st gift machine.  Out with the old in with the new

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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

Aug 5, 2014
Yeah, I totally disagree with charging more to gift ourselves, since gift machine items *already* have a considerable markup from the store versions they were reskinned from.

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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

Aug 5, 2014

I realize that there is not alot of space on PsHome, like I said, this is just a wish list. I really believe in the ingenuity of our developer friends and maybe some switching around some not used public spaces can be replaced with nice new exciting things. These just my ideas. Please look them over. Maybe it can start a nice conversation of imagination

-Tuni Peace

PlayStation Home Wishlist

Personal Spaces:

Hospital or Emergency Room

Fairy Tales Castles

Restaurant (Fancy or bar and grill)

Church (Nice old fashion wooden church, not a huge lie like the stadium churches)

Business Office (Desk, secretary space, ringing phones, water cooler, waiting area, etc)

Chefs Kitchen or Caterer's Kitchen (Active oven, Stove, alarms, cutting board table and prep area)

Tailor Shop

Ice Cream Pallor 


Public Spaces:

Museums (Replicas of famous world renowned museums)

Amusement Park (Roller Coasters, Bumper Cars, Water rides, the whole 9 yards)

Fancy Restaurant or Bar and Grill ( Where you can order different foods and pay for them with acorns or something similar like a real date) 

Nature Park ( with hikes, nature trails for horses, a camping site, thick woods)

Public lake (For swimming, Fishing and boat riding, maybe even BBq?)



Doctor or Surgeon Uniform (Yellow or white gloves, scalpel, stethoscope, needle, etc)

news reporter uniform (news Id/pass, camera, note pad* active with pen writing)

Secretary Uniform (Typewriter or Computer, mini note pad* active with writing animation, glasses, etc)

Ice cream scooper

Chef knife and other cooking utensils


Furniture Items:

Calendar (non active)

Active Secretary Desk (phone, computer, typewriter, filing cabinet, reception box, in and out file holders, etc)

Active Boss Desk (Reception box, phone, laptop, desk clock, etc)

Active Ice Cream Pallor Ice Cream Selection (all 31 flavors and more! Scoop out ice cream for your friends in any flavor! Maybe Pshome flavor )

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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

Aug 5, 2014

Can we get a mini game on Home that would be similar to Doritos Crash Course? I think that would be an awesome and adventurous game for our avatars.


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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

Aug 6, 2014

YAY FOR GZ! Just had to get that out of the way. LET'S GET THIS STARTED.


PERSONAL SPACE/CLUBHAUS: Vaudville Theatre. Chinatown store front (with lots of weird little rooms). GOTHIC CASTLE. Space Station. Retro bridge from Star Trek. Grimauld Place. Quidditch Pitch. Night time Japanese water garden (with those cool bridges everwhere). Underwater mermaid's grotto.


FURNITURE: Old-style victorian furniture in a variety of colors. MORE SUN LOUNGERS. Lamps with better lighting effects. DARK WIZARD FURNITURE. Black candles (why don't we have these?) More flooring options--maybe some of those rugs in the Secret Party Garden. Beach Towels/Blankets.


LMO: FAINTING COUCH LMO (ug. all of those chair LMO are so AWFUL--let's have something more refined, shall we?) More FAN LMO (with brightly colored fans with different prints). SWORD FIGHTING LMO (right handed and left handed (both?), two person LMO where we can use the HUGE NUMBER OF HAND ITEMS, OMG). Let's do different styles like medieval broadsword, Japanese Katana, European Rapier and Arabian Scimitar. And can we get some DARK swords? Like... black. To go with all the dark armors I've been buying. Also, a king's steed--with full armor. AND A JOUSTING LMO. Kabuki/Japanese fan dance LMO (with specific dances). Also, those ruined parasols you see at the renaissance faires? I WANT DIS.


CLOTHES: BOTTOMS FOR THE NINJA TOPS WHY IS THAT SO HARD TO FIND?! Bottoms in general. Stop making tops only PLEASE. Hawaiian Luau outfits/grass skirts. Tribal paint outfits. Surfer gear (boy shorts and scuba shirts). FANCY YUKATA (I'd love to see another dev take a stab). Saloon/Show girl outfits. There's like... 2 devs that have done some. Please someone do more. QUIDDITCH ROBES AND DARK WIZARD CLOTHES. Cheongsams. In better colors and patterns. Energy aura/leaf/petal/feather effect hand items. Doesn't need to do anything other than look cool. MORE HARAJUKU. Monk clothing (for Ajagara).


Also: LKWD - In your steampunk collection, you released a set of boots with the male bundle. Could we possibly get a version of the trousers without the mechanical leg? That would be awesome. And nDREAMS - can you make shoes that go with your steampunk and scipunk collections? Pretty please?

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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

Aug 6, 2014

                     Internet Browsers in Home


Many people would like to have a personal computer that allows for actual for browsing within Home. The London Pub shows that a browser is possible. Xi did the same thing. Either as an personal item or baked (preferably) into a personal/clubhouse space. That way many of us would not have to log off of Home in order to use the PSN browser.


Of course, Terms of Service limitations would apply.

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