Jul 25 2014
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August 2014 Suggestions Thread

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Here's the August 2014 version of the community suggestion thread. Starting a bit early since I will not be in the office next week.


Please feel free to suggest any content that you're interested in seeing in PlayStation Home.  This is a thread for content suggestions (clothing, LMOs, spaces, etc.), not for functionality.  Thanks, and have fun!

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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

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Jul 25, 2014

I want HellFire games to make a recliner chair.


 I want this estate.


And we need Flying Monkeys.

Monkey attack.png


The female population could use a new hair style. maybe The Gomez?



  Under Sea moving condo. It should be named ''Blue Squall'' Sub estate. >.>

Sea Condo.png





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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

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Jul 25, 2014

Wide open public waterpark space (personal & clubhouse, too!). Slides (long drop, single, multiple race lanes), surf activity, tubes (single, double, group), bar in the water, wave pool, you name it. Absolutely has to have a lazy river. Everything should be interactive. The nav needs an update, how about a new permanent, non-seasonal, non-holiday, space :]








Mermaid Tails, outfits, furniture & LMOs


TailMermaid Swim

Make any colors you guys but, but there must be a hot pink mermaid tail & neon rainbow tail ❤


MerCollection 2MerCollection 1Clamshells


cf694f9c296f178addd9c311ca96f742.jpgsardine_freebie_poster.jpgMerCollection 1fd6e10ac0abdde07e6c8e5031bc285d7.pngmermaidsunderwater.jpg


Game Content

So, there's going to be a Dead Island 2 (yeah, I know. I already had a mini argument with my boyfriend over the two current titles & now this), how about a new Dead Island space, game content, rewards & stuff


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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

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Jul 27, 2014

Thank you for reading my suggestion. To state your support, please visit THE BANK Thread.



Thank you very much for reading this suggestion, I hope you will love my concept for improving the wardrobe in PlayStation Home.


In this suggestion, I am going to present you three new tools, which I believe are essential for every Home user.


The first one: A brand new storage.

The Second: A toll that will let you get rid of the items you do not want.

And the third: Is a breakthrough toll that will organize your clothes.


  1. A New Storage
  2. A Trash Can
  3. An Organizer


These are not three individual tools, it is one tool. And I am calling it THE BANK!


Before I am getting into it, I will talk for a moment about the current wardrobe. You see, in the first several months of using Home, the wardrobe works superbly.  It loads fast, it allows you to comfortably use the few rewards and purchases you have. And I am sure every new Home user will tell you that he/she is very satisfied from how the wardrobe works.


The problems start when you have a bit more clothing items than few. The message “You have received a new item” pops more frequently, there are more clothing items you buy, you win a contest or two, and suddenly your wardrobe becomes bigger, it loads slower, items are automatically move into the storage, and a system that was once very user friendly, turns suddenly into a real pain!


So the solution for the situation is to allow us to delete/ gift/ donate the items we do not want right?

No! Nobody wants a feature that will let us to delete/ gift/ donate our items. Your small brother/sister/ kids will log in to Home, and delete the items you love. One day, an unauthorized person will gain an access to your account and delete your items, you will accidentally delete items you like. Then you will have to contact SCE in order to recover your items. Yuck! Trust me, this is a terrible solution! 


Also, we already know that it is impossible to take off items from our accounts. It is neither impossible to gift items neither to donate them, once you have acquired a clothing item, be it the item you wanted the most, or an ugly T shirt you will never wear, you will not be able to get rid of it, Never.


So, how can you get rid of these items you do not want, but yet to still possess them?

Umm, the answer is by storing these items in a storage which you will have a full access to the items on it, but yet, a storage which will not load along with your primer wardrobe.


THE BANK will solve three main issues:

  1. Slow loading time of the wardrobe:Since, many of the items in your wardrobe will be moved to an external storage, your wardrobe will holds much less items on it, and this will benefits the loading times.
  2.  Unorganized wardrobe: These items you will decide not to deposit in your BANK will remain organized, and I believe it  will be easier to find every item you want. Also, THE BANK itself, will be organized, since the sorting of it will be very deep.
  3. The “Junk” in your wardrobe, will no longer be a threat, and something that disturbs you. You will be able to move these items you do not want into your BANK, and they will stay there.


So what is THE BANK?

THE BANK will be an additional storage within your wardrobe, but unlike the other two environments in the Wardrobe (The Wardrobe and Storage), you will not be able to wear the items in THE BANK, until you have moved them out of THE BANK.  Additionally, 3D presentation of clothing items will be disabled as well. These two features will offer a faster browsing within THE BANK, and leave the two primer Wardrobe environments, with only the items you really want.


THE BANK will automatically organize all items you have deposited into it under the categories:

Male/ Female-> Purchased/Rewards->Clothing item (Hand item, legs etc)-> Developer.


Search Box:

-          Search box: If you know the name of the item you are looking for, you will be able to search for it, and bypassing the ordinary search.

If the item is in THE BANK, you will first have to move it out of THE BANK, if the item is already out of THE BANK, you will be able to wear it instantly.


I do not suggest anything revolutionary here.

THE BANK will be another environment in your Wardrobe, but with special conditions, that will benefit the loading speed of every environment in your Wardrobe, and other issues.

The deeper sorting is also something which is possible. Every item you own, have a small window that tells you, who is the developer of the item, so it is very possible to use it, in order to enhance the sorting possibilities in The Wardrobe.That means that “An organizer” is already deep in the heart of PlayStation Home.


Therefore I believe SCE, can develop this system in several weeks.


                                                                                                         . . .



Thank you for taking the time reading my suggestion!

 If you would like to state your support to my suggestion, please leave a message, and your name will be added to the supporters list.

Supporters are essential to make this change!

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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jul 25, 2014

Jersquall wrote:


And we need Flying Monkeys.


I am deathly afraid of monkeys X_X

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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jul 25, 2014
More backlit frames in different shapes, sizes and styles

A 2-3 person red sofa LMO with a popcorn-eating LMO and comfy poses

More portable items that can be deployed, like: clouds and a floating sun and rainbow, rain with thunder clouds and lightning, a grassy meadow surrounded by trees, etc

Horse mounts with medieval style dressing, with options for males to charge with a lance or bear a standard, and for females to ride side-saddle

Most importantly, pink ribbon items that benefit reputable breast cancer-related charities. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October, but I'd buy it any time of year! Devs will sell more if they make these giftable too, I know I'd send a ton!

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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jul 25, 2014
• Hansel & Gretel fantasy themed cottage in the forest made of candy items.

• More long necklaces/chains for males (no tight chokers) in various colors & styles preferably in the headphone slot, and not hand items.

• Bring the rest of the Toylogic content from Japan and Europe region (it's already made)

• Bring the rest of the O-Two (Peakvox) content from Japan (it's already made)

• Bring ALL furniture and clothing items made by SCEE here. Work For Hire was going really well until it just stopped. There is more of that stuff and we WANT IT!

• $1 value bundles in X7 to return

• last two levels of Charcoal Champ unlocked

• Quest For Greatness Pt. 3

• actual video game promos like we used to get

• movie promos like EU gets
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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jul 25, 2014

Stephie's idea for the 2-3 person couch LMO with popcorn would be really awesome to have.


Also this Panda Hoodie

Panda Hoodie.jpg


Better kissing and hugging 2 Person Interaction LMOs



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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jul 25, 2014

More video game content that all.


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Re: August 2014 Suggestions Thread

Jul 25, 2014


I agree, We need more Video game content or we riot!

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