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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 18, 2013

Zombie walk LMO.


Or a Detective type space that gets updated every so often

With clues or mysteries on the crime.


Oh!  What about an ignore funtion that makes the avi not appear on your screen.  

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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 18, 2013

                          A Home Core Train Station


A core space: A train station. Think of Grand Central Station. Have shops and diners around. Maybe some arcades for gaming, kiosks for viewing videos...


Then we enter the train proper. What does the train have? A dining car, a smoking car, a gambling car. Maybe linked to the Poker at Sportswalk (as far as leaderboards are concerned). Maybe compartments where four to six people can sit and chat. Or even a private aread on the train.


All the while as the train travels up and down the coast or cross country, towns, farms and cities pass by the windows. Maybe they can represent the American landscape? Or maybe iconic private and public space of Home, past , present  (and future?).


I've been thinking about this for a long time, and the Harry Potter content encouraged me to finally request it. But should it be a modern train? Or an older one built with more character? Something that would take us back to a more romantic era in American history...


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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 18, 2013

Grand Theft Auto 5 clothing line, kinda like how we did with Saints Row. Hats,jackets,shirts and even jeans with some GTA5 logo on them( must be male and female attire). Let's get back to promoting big games in Home.

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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

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Aug 19, 2013

Public space request.

One that consists of a traffic field.

Seeing how everyone is enjoying riding/driving their car, motor cycle, and other LMOs on Acorn Meadows Park's pathways, gave me this idea.


I was thinking of a mini-game where you have to do everything that's in compliance with today's traffic rules. A traffic game with traffic lights, crossways, intersections, traffic radars, tunnels, overpasses, (draw)bridges, one way/two way roads, roundabouts, city roads, freeways, highways...everything. Just like a simulation game, really.


It would be nice if the vehicles, (LMOs?), can have signal left and right, back, brake, and head-lights, which you can turn on and off yourself, for that extra realism. Woman Happy


Traffic field.jpg


Granzella made this space in Japan;



When you step on this...arrow;



You go exceptionally fast for a brief moment with your own Locomotion, and when you're normally walking over it. Maybe something to consider? Smiley Happy

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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 19, 2013

It would be an awesome idea if Granzella has tinted versions of their rimless square and oval glasses in their store.


Tinted glasses




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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 19, 2013
I spend a lot of time decorating personal spaces-I have all of them.

It's really hard to fill in the details, even with 100 slots. Now that we have larger spaces, and active items that take up more than one slot, what we need are objects that are large (which is something most of the devs have grasped) and it would be nice to have objects that don't need to have anything to add to them-an empty bookcase does us no good. There are not enough slots to fill it in properly!

So my thought is it would be great if we had some objects that were already filled in. I already have 500 empty tables-how about a table that already has objects on it? And...

Dining tables that already have dinner on them

A newstand, with magazines and papers

For that matter a newspaper machine

Postal box

A buffet table with food on it

More sets of food together rather than individual pieces-Granzella has done this with a couple of place settings-could use a whole table

A bandstand and/or stage

Bookcases with things already in them. We have two, but using the same ones over and over gets old.

Anyway, those are just what I can think of off the top of my head, but these would really make the difference between apts looking strangely incomplete or looking more accurate. Cheers!
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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 19, 2013

Better photo frames. Larger and possibly back-lit. Or that at least lighten the pics so you can see what is in them.


LMO's for sitting or laying down.


More flooring options. Carpet (like, wall-to-wall) or tile (ooh, mosaics). It's getting a wee bit better, but it seems flooring is one of the least developed furniture items of Home.


 Robotic costumes (either full-bodied or just certain body parts). Cause I love my Vickie costume, but she is very distinctive. I'd like some variety in my cyborg.


The glitch run is awsome. Can we get a teleport LMO? (So, standing still it does nothing, but as soon as you move/run you disappear only to reappear when you stop--with a little animation showing you reappearing/disappearing). This.. would not be for everyone, but some of us (*cough*trekkies*cough*) would definitely like it.


Um, more gowns, but please make the walk animation NOT look like a girl is wearing GIANT SWISHY PANTS (bad nDreams).


Still want that mermaid tail, LMO. Make it so!

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more furniture slots

Aug 19, 2013
would it b possible to get 100 extra slots
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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 19, 2013

Devs can you make us the following items. They would go great with our Prairie/Saloon. Cowgirlhats that we can wear with our hair





Jeans & T.jpgcowgirlshirt.jpgshirt.jpgchic-french-country-kitchen-915x686.jpgcountry_decor_kitchen2.jpgwhite-country-kitchen-with-vintage-and-rustic-kitchen-furniture-plus-wicker-chairs-960x573.jpgcountrykitchencolor.jpgnice hat.jpgcowgirlhat3.jpgcowgirl hat.jpgcowgirl hat2.jpghat4.jpg

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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

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Aug 19, 2013

OMG!!! 1bigkidd A big YES to everything here!!!!!!!!!!!!! A country kitchen,Cowgirl fancy attire and Cowirl hats to wear with any hair, are at least long hair. Would love all these colors in hats especially white.

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