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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

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Aug 1, 2013

When it comes to weapons, one thing I would really like is to be able to put it on my back or side depending on what kind of weapon it is when I am not wielding it, it bothers me with some weapons that I have to run around wielding them at all times...

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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 1, 2013

Jason1802128 wrote:

More Events like Kikai!  When was the last time the community came together such as this!

I know, I know! It was the troll-infestation of late summer 2012. I became allies with Moz and....anyway, here's an idea, have another contest where a user gets to design a Home item.

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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 1, 2013

I would like to be able to have some sort of music on demand function on Home. Like maybe youtube on the EOD or Music Unlimited from a stereo or something, where you could listen to your favorite tracks or playlists.


Not everyone has access to RadioIO Smiley Sad

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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 1, 2013

  Piercings - There is only one or two earrings on Home that, when you place it on your left ear, both ears have earrings allowing us to use another one fon the other side. With that idea, I think there should be earrings that also give us facial piercings. Lips, nose, eyebrows, etc. So we don't have to decide over matching ears or one eyebrow piercing, etc.


Now I understand that developers don't like the idea because of how we can change the avatar's face so much, that clipping issues would occur. Just offer them in bundles similiar to Granzella's Hats. Buy a set and you get three versions of the same thing; small nose, medium nose and a large nose. Same concept for lip rings.


  Tattoos - There are some tattoos available around Home (HeavyInk, Konami, LKWD, etc) but they either have tops we're forced to wear or they're simply bold black lines. We need some more colorful tattoos as hand accessories to allow us freedom to wear what we like. Currently my favorite tattoo is the Ella Vam Pire Tattooed Lady Bustier sold by Lockwood Publishing, but we cannot remove the top.


Again, I know there are memory issues but I would think that this could work. There are many large hand items that would seem to require more memory/space than a colorful tattoo, look at the Auras sold by Konami for example. Full sleeve arm tattoos please!!


  Nail Polish - So there are countless hand accessories for female avatars yet only some have painted nails. We need more items that give us painted nails.. sorry, I really like details. Same for most heels, only a few have painted nails. Not that this actually matters... just I know some artists out there have been wanting to paint the nails, so.. <nudge nudge>.


  Locomotion Idea - Now this was suggested before but I'm really hoping it happens so I want to post it: We need some Girls' Generation dance styles. They are a popular K-pop group known as So-Nyeo Shi-Dae (Girls' Generation), and they are awesome. If anybody is interested in checking them out you can YouTube them.


Examples (Music Videos):



Lastly, it would be awesome to see some Ed Hardy content on Home. Or something very similar. We have a few items that remind me of Ed Hardy but I would love to see more. I'm sure others would like that style around Home.

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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

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Aug 1, 2013

To add more on to game content.


I'd like to see clothing from the Hyperdimension Neptunia game.

Clothing that is futuristic, but cute also. 

Hairstyles would be nice as well. We don't have like any good anime hairstyles for NA.


Some examples from the game;









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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 1, 2013

An LMO idea.  

A shooting star that you can ride. I think it would go great with the Tatabana or W/E you call it items.

Like one where you can sit or stand on.

Oh! And a LMO where you can fart pixie dust. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 1, 2013

I would like to see a public space designed to look like a grocery store, the kind you used to see in the 1970's.  Before you go thinking I have gone completely insane, hear me out. 


The space would contain a few minigames that played to the theme.  The shelf stocker minigame would require users to move to random spawn points, then engage in a QTE to make sure the shelves were ready for customers.  The user would be racing against the clock to add additional challenge.  Tiered rewards based on the fictional brands the users were stocking the shelves with would unlock as users beat designated times.  A leaderboard would track the fastest times with a picture of the top player's avatar displayed on an employee of the month wall(there would be no leaderboard rewards to discourage hacks).


For those who would rather shop, users would grab a cart and track down items on a list from random spawn points around the store in a racing style minigame.  The lists would correspond to the difficulty level the users were attempting to complete.  Empty spots in the race would be occupied by "shopper" NPCs so that the game could be completed solo.  To add to the competitive element, users would have the option to ram their opponents, slowing them down and knocking items out of the cart.  Everyone participating in the "cart race" would receive an empty cart LMO reward, though completion of the final(most difficult)list would receive a fully-laden cart LMO reward.


The cashier and bag boy minigame would require co-operative play, with each user pressing button prompts simultaneously.  Some margin of error would allow users of varying skill levels to play together, though(again)the game could be played solo if no other users were available.  Each tier completed would unlock a separate costume component modeled on outfits the NPC "employees" found throughout the space would be wearing.


A future expansion would allow users into the store's parking lot, where they could race one another to find the best parking spots.  The rewards for this would range from a beat up car LMO to a top of the line Italian luxury car LMO for the best racers.  Additionally, the parking lot would contain a cart gathering minigame that required players to gather up as many carts as possible within a set time limit.  Hitting certain quotas would unlock rewards.  I am thinking the rewards for this would be companions based on the mascots for the fictional brands the store stocks.


If you made it through all the lunacy listed above, congratulations.  You have looked into the mind of a madman and come through unscathed.

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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 1, 2013

It would be awesome to have more video game related content for this month.

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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 1, 2013

Could we get more clothing from Peakvox?


peakvox male pants.pngpeakvox male.pngpeeakvox female pic1.jpgpeeakvox female pic2.jpgpeeakvox female pic3.jpgpeeakvox female pic4.jpgpeeakvox female pic5.jpgpeeakvox pic1.jpg


Also....could we have some long and short socks. But with shoes with different colors and styles.

And the shoes have to be with the socks as a foot item...not the socks with the bottoms please :smileywink:


long socks examples.jpg


Could we please have more slots clothing, furniture, etc. Also can we pretty please have Assassin's Creed content on home and not just a multi-player beta....



assassins creed 3 connor render.pngEzioRender1.pngRenegade.pngHellequin acb.jpg


Also, some clothing, long hair styles, short hair styles

fashion pic 3.jpgfashion pic 2.jpgfashion pic 11.jpgfashion pic 1.jpgfashion pic 8.jpgfashion pic 9.jpghairsytles.jpgundertaker black bulter4.jpgLucia 1.pngRenderSebastian.png

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Re: August 2013 Suggestions Thread

Aug 1, 2013

Could we get these outfits as locos?




Also, can we have more modern houses


modern homes 3.jpgmodern homes 4.jpgmodern homes 6.jpgmodern homes 11.jpgmodern homes 7.jpgmodern homes 10.jpg

Some raver outfits and steam punk Smiley Tongue


steam punk.png

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