May 29 2013
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Arrogance moves from Atom Republic is Here Now

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$4 a bit pricy but they are in US now..

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Re: Arrogance moves from Atom Republic is Here Now

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May 29, 2013

jimmynet wrote:

$4 a bit pricy but they are in US now..


That is very surprising considering this is what Atom Republic said about the complaints about the $4 price of their Traditional Dances LMO:


AtomRepublic wrote:

I take note of your comments about the price. I will do something about it soon.

Apparently three weeks wasn't soon enough to make a simple price change.

It's bad enough that Atom Republic has jerky animations for their dance LMOs compared to ones from other devs like nDreams, but to charge as much as they do just adds insult to injury... or more likely, few sales.


This is what I said in the original thread about the Arrogance Dance LMO, and based on pricing alone, I definitely would pass on this and wait and see what the other devs come out with:


D-Nitrate wrote:

While I appreciate that they added a randomizer, I would suggest waiting to see if Konami or nDreams offer a similar Psy (Gentleman) dance LMO.


The Psy (Gangnam Style) dance LMO Atom Republic released "Cowboy dance moves" was more expensive than the Konami's Psy dance LMO "K-Pop Dance Animation Pack", even though the Konami version had smoother animation, more moves, and had a randomizer.


I do appreciate the fact that Atom Republic is improving their products and paying attention to what other devs are doing.  They certainly can do this if they improve their motion capture, add more moves, and lower their pricing.

Doesn't look like much has changed.

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Re: Arrogance moves from Atom Republic is Here Now

May 29, 2013

I've pretty much made the decision after buying some moves a week or two ago which I regret that I won't be buying anymore unless they are mo capped. They just really are not worth it and as some as said they are way overpriced given what you get.  


Many more are coming and personally I'm simply waiting for those to spend my money on. 



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