Oct 04 2012
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Are you getting full benefits?

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Hey guys, this topic is about x7.. I am very disppointed in that the fact that we arent getting full benefits. 


What do you mean full benefits?


What i mean is that were not getting a free item every week i really think were suppose to too. The bundles... well those are old items that really arent even cared about till this day. Get something new very new seriously. How about those previews.. why arent those marked down atleast sure you pay 14.99 for a suit and get some free items every 3 week update Gibberish..

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Re: Are you getting full benefits?

Oct 4, 2012

Don't confuse X7 with PlayStation Plus! Smiley Happy


 Really though, You're right. They can give a bit more.

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Re: Are you getting full benefits?

Oct 4, 2012

In all fairness, before x7 existed, the price you paid to get those certain exclusive items and mansion spaces was what you paid just to get those items.There was no suggestion that they would be useful in any other way. When x7 was developed, they needed to set some sort of entry requirement, so the chose ownership of the higher priced Sony items at the time. And while they did advertise x7 as offering freebies, previews and discount bundles, they never did set specific intervals at which they would be released. Expecting something each and every week was only presumed to be what was advertised, never stated that way by Sony.


But I would gladly get my worthless x7 freebies out of storage and give them to you if you want more. Woman Tongue

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