Nov 08 2012
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Are you able to buy dance moves now?

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I was just in the bowling alley and i noticed two guys breakdancing but they were in casual clothes. Also they dressed differently so i don

t think it was a specific outfit. One of them wore a plaid shirt and just jeans but was doing windmills and all kinds of moves and the other guy was doing the same moves but just in different clothes. Help me understand this?

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Re: Are you able to buy dance moves now?

Nov 8, 2012

nDreams has put out some dance moves for men and women. The follow shows the female moves.


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Re: Are you able to buy dance moves now?

Nov 8, 2012

Hi BUCKi3_BUCK here, the answer to your question is YES you can buy new dance moves. They were released about 2 weeks ago. You can find the new dance moves in nDreams store in the Street Moves section, there are 2 packages of moves in which you can puchase, these moves are then activated by finding them in you inventory(companions) section, once equiped you can use these new move with anything you wear by bringing up you R1 options then selecting stret moves. The packages are $2.99 each, Happy shoppingSincerily BUCKi3_BUCK.

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