Feb 20 2014
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Are there moderators in Alley 3?

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Was just curious. Seems like that is where all the trouble is nowadays on home. Go there to bowl. Start bowling. Fights break out. People freezing one another. Chaos at alley 3.  If a moderator spent just one hour a day there, so many people would be caught.
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Re: Are there moderators in Alley 3?

Feb 20, 2014

There is no in world moderation. If there was, it stopped with the update that added a whole bunch of new offenses to the report option. Look at it this way, a moderator would only have to hang out at acorn for an hour to see all the BS that goes on, yet it still exists.

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Re: Are there moderators in Alley 3?

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Feb 20, 2014

hi op and all tempest fire explained about moderation in home a while ago with this this post below. here is also the link to it too

Jun 28, 2013

King0fHearts2007 wrote:

Kinect420 wrote:
Um can we get some mods to be a bit more active on home? Not just invisible either because that doesn't show anything. Like I think mods should be visible and bouncing through popular servers often. I as a normal player see tons of harrasment cursing perverted behavior etc. Like currently at pier park you have guys hitting on everyone, tons of spammers there making it harder to even get in! Come on digital leisure surely you can atleast have a mod sit in the spawning servers to prevent this crap.

We all have to face it it's better to have invisible Mods then visible ones.

  • For one the Mods are more effective when invisible
  • People are more afraid and more likely obey the rules if they think it just might be possable that a Mod is in the room with them.
  • Don't forget Mod's have many powers being invisible is one but they also have the power to chage to any server they wish as fast as they wish. 
  • If a Mod is visible people might be tempted to talk to him/her and if something is going-on on another server they may have to leve right away to investigate
  • Also don't you think Cops in real life would be invisible if they had the power to do so?




This. And we have data (not just qualitative/anecdotal) to support this.


Also, I hate to speak for SCEA Moderation since I haven't worked in that department for quite a while now, so I'll keep this relatively vague.




We have a robust and adequate moderation staff watching over Home. But even then, being in all places at all times is impossible. There are more people on Home during peak times than I think most people on these forums realize (yes, again, a data driven statement).


Additionally, I think most people misinterpret the Terms of Service.  If someone is reported, and they are breaking the ToS, they are put through the process (warned, suspended or banned). If you report someone over and over and they never seem to get "punished", either they got punished in a way that wasn't visible to you (VERY likely), or they didn't break the ToS.


Anecdotally, during my time as an SCEA Moderator (and I did just about everything you can do in SCEA Moderation), the sheer volume of reports lacking proof of ToS violation was massive. Heck, the volume of reports WITH violations was massive, too. But time and time again it appears that folks identify behaviors that are "annoying" as violations, when they're simply just cases of other users being jerks.  That's not a violation, that's just crappy behavior. 


If you're opening another tab at this point to pull up the ToS, skip down to section 7, that's about the only part that applies to in-game behavior.  And of that, most of it doesn't apply to in-game (just stuff uploaded to websites and UGC games like LBP and inFAMOUS).


Obviously a lot of that gets translated into game specific examples (Home is no exception), and honestly the translations are slanted to give people the benefit of the doubt. Also, those translations change over time, for all games.  As communities evolve, Moderation views them and adjusts to grow with them.


The bottom line is this: Moderation works. LOTS of people get warned or get 24 hour suspensions ALL THE TIME.  LOTS of people report other users for doing nothing wrong. The whole "'Report, Ignore, Move on" mantra may feel tired, but it's correct.  The argument that the select function isn't ideal is valid, and noted. But the overall process works pretty well, and that team is always evolving and looking for ways to continue to be more efficient without being heavy handed and overly impacting what is, in the end, YOUR community.

Please use plain text.

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Re: Are there moderators in Alley 3?

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Feb 20, 2014

Too many reports at once to evaluate could be very overwhelming.
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