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Re: Are only GAP members allowed in the Home beta trail?

Apr 26, 2007
In all fairness, it isn't THAT random. G.A.P. members usually get invites 1st because our mission is :



The Gamer Advisory Panel (or G.A.P.) is the most elite membership tier in the PlayStation® Underground™. Membership is exclusively by invitation, and we ask only the most engaged PlayStation® enthusiasts—people who have repeatedly demonstrated an unflagging devotion to gaming, a genuine desire to interact with PlayStation, and an eagerness to connect with others in the vast PlayStation gaming community.


G.A.P. membership is the highest honor in the PlayStation Underground, so we choose our Panelists carefully. And, while high scores and enviable skills will certainly contribute to your G.A.P. eligibility, it's your passion that's truly paramount.

Who makes the cut? We're looking for smart, savvy gamers who are highly involved in the PlayStation online community—and maintaining a current Member Profile is the best place to start. So, each time you add a new game or gadget to your PlayStation arsenal, visit the MY ACCOUNT section at to let us know. We're always adding exciting new content and contests to our site—visit us often so you don't miss a thing!


Things move fast in the gaming industry, and nobody's closer to the source than our Gamer Advisory Panel. Now that you've been tapped for membership, we'll rely on you often for your insight—so be on the lookout for members-only emails, community postings and exclusive questionnaires. For you, each point of contact is a new opportunity to share your considerable expertise. For us, it's a chance to get the inside scoop from gamers who really get it.

In return for your expert opinion, you'll be first in line for the highest privileges PlayStation has to offer, including:

  • Access to exclusive insider events and promotions
  • Opportunities to provide us with valuable feedback
  • More ways to win games, gear and PlayStation stuff
  • Chances to work at cool events like OZZFEST and Comic-Con
  • PLUS a shot at our hottest annual giveaway: a trip to E3!
Best of all, you'll count yourself as part of an elite group of influential gamers who share a unique gift: the power to shape the future of the gaming industry.

so you see why we get mostly G.A.P. gets invites and is likely going to be opened after Invites have been handled. Plus it's easier to sort G.A.P. members out first because all the info non-G.A.P. members have to fill out is not in our e-mail invite (headset? gaming habits? etc..). The Home Beta website speculations for it being "false" and "a deterent website" or completely far fetched. The site WILL OPEN IN DUE TIME. Just wait and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
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Re: Are only GAP members allowed in the Home beta trail?

Apr 26, 2007
who really knows?
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