Jan 25 2011
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Are Fams Good For Home?

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We've all seen them - We've all been approached by them...

Whether you love them or hate them,,, Fams, gangs, crews whatever you choose to call them - they are a part of the Home landscape and seem to be here to stay...

I have never been in a gang,,, simply because I like to do my own thing,,, I have enough people telling me what to do in real life,,, I don't need someone on Home telling me how to dress and act.

Someone had once convinced me to go undercover so that I could write an editorial on Home gangs,,, but after ten minutes of reading text chat of the most butchered version of the English language - I dropped the idea to save what was left of my I.Q. points...

So I have had to study these gangs/fams/crews from a far...

When I have come to notice is that the try to recruit people to bolster their position in the Fam... It might seem silly to some,,, but to that person that has been on Home for months and has not made any friends,,, a Fam is a godsend...

One of the requirments of being in a Fam is that you have to follow the dress code - That usually means having to purchase clothes - that brings revenue to Home...

If I were Sony or Lochwood I would jump on that bandwagon and start pumping out more color coordinated urban theme clothing...

I don't really know too much of the bad elements of Fams/Gangs/Crews other then they hog up the bowling alley and the Dolphy races and they like to verbally fight with one another...

Feel free to let your experiance with Fams be known...

From my POV is see a powerful fraction who might sway some changes in Home over the next year  - I just hope Home doesn't become too ghetto...

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Re: Are Fams Good For Home?

Jan 25, 2011

no reminds me of this fourm. Posters who think theyre better then everyone. Just like high school please delete thread incase of flame war

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Re: Are Fams Good For Home?

Jan 25, 2011

They are just flat out stupid in my opinion.

However human beings are social animals and we like to group, and you cant say a "family" or gang is any different then your club. I dont mind the fams and gangs etc its just that the general IQ of the poeple that gravitate to these groups seems to be low.

There is also the issue that if you call your group a gang or fam etc you are assoiating yourself as a group that wants to break rules and if you do that im going to have an issue with your group.

Overall i think they are more of an annoyance then anything else.


There is no need to delete this thread it has not gone into a flame war at all. If it does then you can call of its deleteing

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Re: Are Fams Good For Home?

Jan 25, 2011

I personally don't have a lot of experience with them. For the most part I think they are harmless and really nothing more than a type of club where people get together.

Maybe I don't hang out in the right spaces but any that I've encountered were never really much trouble.

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Re: Are Fams Good For Home?

Jan 25, 2011

No, All they do is fight with one another and are always being rude. I personally don't like them one bit.

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Re: Are Fams Good For Home?

Jan 26, 2011

Its Quite Amusing To See Gangs In Home

I Saw The Grove Street At Midway 2 .. Lol .. It Was Too Funny !

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Re: Are Fams Good For Home?

Jan 26, 2011

   There are reports on this forum. Of certain gangs being abusive to the non gang Home members. The moderators have come down very hard on these types of abuses. There is nothing Home can do to stop this. They put the club system in. Which in turn is why these gangs were formed.

   Question is, are there good gangs? People who want to help the community at large? I'm sure there is. But if your in an abusive gang. Who goes after the innocents to get some kind of warped kicks. At someone else's expense. Then the mod's should continue to nuke them at will... | Home Item Database

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Re: Are Fams Good For Home?

Jan 26, 2011

If they do no harm they're ok with me. There's individuals out there that as far as I know don't belong to fams or gangs that cause ten times more trouble from what I've seen.

However, if Marlon Brando, Lee Marvin and the rest of the wild ones come riding in on motorcylces than that's another story. Nothing against motor cycles groups, I surely am not saying that.

video coming I hope (if the chain don't break and no that that chain song)

The song is "Motorcycle Mama" by Sailcat. I thought of it after seeing Joanna_Dark_'s motorcyle lady fashion.


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Re: Are Fams Good For Home?

Jan 26, 2011

There's Bad Fams and Good Ones.

I have meet and talk a lot of Fams/Crews on Home. And there's some that are very Good actually.

They got rules, a handbook etc. And one of the rules is No Breaking any rule of Home.

But yeah there some Fams that are omg awful. They got people everywhere breaking the rules in every way you can Imagine. And the Moderation needs to take them out. Because there's a lot of people I have meet that leave Home because of this. And Is not fair to the Good users of Home.

Sadly everyone thinks that all Fams are bad. But is not. Funny because some Fams are like unofficiall HCV. They go a offer there help to people when they can.

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Re: Are Fams Good For Home?

Jan 26, 2011

omg.  everytime i see these "fam" posts, the replies kill me.  haha.  for the most part, i dont think they are doing anymore harm than anyone else in home.  i have been approached a million times to join a fam and i always say "no ty" and 99% of the time they leave it at that.  i see them around and ik that some of them do get a little annoying to ppl, but for the most part, they are just acting out a game.  it's just a way to have fun in home.  i would say, if u see them and dont wanna interact, just stay on the other side of the room, unless ur in the zombie deadquarters.  not much room in there.  lol

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