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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 3, 2013

A friendship LMO;

one that ignores everyone except your friends when they chat or move, it should also have a friendship shake if both friends are simultaneously using the LMO;

-with different styles of friendly handshakes like fist bumps also.


There are many free calendars in the real world or printable-customizable ones online; about a wall & desk bundle that observes all major NA holidays & ps community events, or at least a free wall/desk calendar that has PS events marked.


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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 3, 2013

Since we've been getting more clubhouse skins, I'd like to see some dedicated to the interests of the users (community) of Home. Certainly we can decorate the current clubhouse to reflect our interests, but having a variety of clubhouse styles is overdue.


I would like to see clubhouse skins dedicated to the following:


Miscelaneous collectors


Comic book collectors


Books and mystery buffs






Movie collecting




There are many types of clubhouse skins that can be designed, and I know that SCE/SCEA can't cater to all tastes. But a few different styles of clubhouses would be awesome with different furniture and building shapes.


The newer clubhouse skins can allow the owner of the club to "gift" members (similar to Lockwood's Gift Machine) with clothes or items specific to the clubhouse that will reflect the club's theme. Basically member's only items that may or not be recalled once a person leaves.


Also as part of the description, include instructions on how to retrieve or initiate the use of clubhouse skins by every Developer.


I hope to see more clubhouse skins based on hobbies soon. I think it is now the time for this to happen.

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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 3, 2013

Well with Bramblenook we were given the option of free furniture sets.


The one coming with the space gave 25 free furniture items that match the space.


The other 4 sets had to be purchased, but each set offered the ability for 50 free furniture items that match the space; with only one being active at any time.


It would be nice if all spaces new and old could be given a similar ability according to the funiture that goes with that space. Even if you must first buy the furniture or those rewarded for that space to unlock the ability of placing that furniture piece as a free item for decoration.


This way people will still need to buy the appropriate furniture or achieve the reward, but allows them to place more noninteractive items as free furniture placements removing them from the 100 furniture count limit. This in turns allows them to fill their space with interactive items like chairs, beds, etc. which has an impact on the 100 furniture count limit.

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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 3, 2013

Hatsune Miku and Black Rock Shooter outfits, please and thank you. smileyhappy:

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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

[ Edited ]
Apr 3, 2013

Request/suggestion to all devs making LMOs: Please stop with the "hold square to boost" gimmick and make all LMOs one speed (max speed), or tap square once for speed boost.


The "hold square"  thing is  annoying and doesn't register all the time.

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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 3, 2013
Posting again lol.

If you ever make playstation home for ps4 PLEASE make it crossover with the ps3 playstation home so everything we have paid for doesn't go away . I know people will want ps4 a new home but what if they made the ps3 home for the ps4 but with ps4 only exclusive public and personal spaces just for the people who have been buying your good stuff and have payed more than $100 for this game. I'm not one of those people but i know how hard will it be for them.
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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 3, 2013




This shirts in all colors and these 


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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 3, 2013





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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 4, 2013

Remember to +Kudos if you like it!

Bold = Highly wanted.**

Strike = Previous suggestion that is now in Home! Thanks devs!**


NEW ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT CATEGORY. It will show all purchased Home items and the ability to hide them from your inventory. OR custom inventory folders.

☆ A spooky, haunted hospital personal/clubhouse space equipped with patient rooms and an operating room with the quality of Cutteridge Estate. (Inspiration can be taken from real life haunted hospitals or games like Silent Hill/Fatal Frame/Siren)

☆ An interative Mannequin decoration that can be dressed in outfits you've purchased. 

☆ An interactive game on Home where friends can visit and help with whatever. Similiar set up to the social Facebook games but you don't need 'tons' of friends to get certain upgrades. They just 'help'.  Interactiveness and replayability are key. Key themes could be gardening, farminglulz, or even monster creation(?).:catvery-happy:

☆ An interactive hack and slash RPG with synced multiplay. CRAFTABLE weapons, RARE monsters, Unique weapon/class types! NO BUY TO WIN. Only buy to play.

☆ A clubhouse/apt of a Victorian Gothic Dollhouse similiar to the Toy Story space.Where if you look outside the dollhouse it's a larger  room.(That you can also run around in.)

☆ More Accessory Slot items.(Hairbows, Mini Lolita Crowns & Top Hats etc)

☆ Giant Lollipops for our "HAND" slot

☆ Rose Eyepatches

☆Here's some misc. images of clothing to take inspiration from. armorvictoriantroll armor




☆Customizable mythological/anthro creature full body outfits, makeup colors designating the colors of certain areas. (Skin, spots) Similiar to the Konami futuristic gladiator outfits and (..also a good marketing tool for PS Plus..)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Core Related

☆ NEW default skin colors..

☆ Graphical update to eyelashes, also giving more eyelash options.

☆ Graphical update to the skeleton of our avatar giving us more body options. Currently we can only be short/tall, fat/skinny. Example: Hip, Bust, Muscle options.AND even more height options.

☆ Youtube APP on Home.


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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 4, 2013

Now that's what I'm talking about! I'd buy these choppers!




Or better yet this one and oh and I'd like the costume as well!



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