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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

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Apr 2, 2013

Home On The Playstation 4


See Through TV's Concept


Screen Projectors, for streaming videos, or using it as a picture frame.




Dubai-World's tallest building


Theme Park-ferris wheels, roller coasters, water park, etc.


A small area where we could free roam in Los Angeles using our bikes, skateboards, etc.


Luxorious Penthouse


Cancun/Punta Cana Resort Complex




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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 2, 2013

Trailing effects for our avatars....

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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

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Apr 17, 2013

A breakdance pack which contains the moves:


cricket ending with ufo

90's ending with 2000

halos/trax ending with a freeze


here's some videos:







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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

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Apr 2, 2013

I just have a few suggestions right now:

1. Tell "QA" to stop delaying stuff from other regions in NA. Like how this week, ALL regions but NA are getting the picnic blanket LMO by Granzella, and how back in Feb., the Setsubun event was delayed by a week in NA ONLY.

Knowing what's available in other regions and not getting it here is just annoying, and pretty incomprehensible at this point in time, what with all these people concerned about Home's future due to the PS4 and such and leaving Home because of it...

2. A typical. average, modern (at least 90s era) suburban house with all of the following features.


house.jpgExample pic



-Available as an apartment and clubhouse simultaneously

-Has multiple rooms and floors (including attic and basement)

-Doors can be opened and closed (like in LOOT living room stage set)

-Windows can also be opened and closed, and shows the animation of you opening and closing both the doors and windows

-A choice of wallpaper, carpeting, and lighting, adjustable separately for each room (like Granzella's City of Flowers)

-Adjustable day/night cycle

-Adjustable weather

-Built in music player

-Ability to walk outside and all around the house, including backyard, sidewalk and street, and you can view the entire house's exterior (all similar to Cutteridge)

-Backyard has the ability to grow and place plants, as well as yard furniture

-All rooms, and all throughout the apartment, has the ability to install furniture you buy (again similar to GZ City of Flowers), but keep the space barrier-free so people can use their own furniture if they choose.

-Typical, average household furniture to go with it, such as ironing board that lets you actually iron clothes, vacuum cleaner that lets you vacuum, stove that lets you cook, telephone you can answer, ect

-Driveway with garage you can open and close, and the ability to display a full-size car you buy, and the car is also a full size LMO you can drive around in.


FInally...3. A bunk bed active item that obviously allows 2 people to lie on each level and change poses.




Oh and I almost forgot....




My suggestion for "hiding" items, takes it out of storage and inventory, and cuts down on login/purchase time, but can be recovered/redownloaded from your rewards/purchase history if needed, creating a fallback system to prevent people from "accidentally" deleting things they want back later.

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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 2, 2013

Here we go again...


Better Communication & Customer Service:

We desperately need better communication and customer service from our Home managers and staff members on questions and issues with Home.  Currently they spend 10x more time on these forums pushing new content than answering questions and addressing issues with Home and content that isn't new.


Better Item Management:

At the very least we need the same sorting options for items in storage that we have for items not in storage, and we desperately need a 2nd storage folder that is not a spillover so we can find items we want that are forced into storage.  At best they should add more folders (just as they have in the store - which seperates shirts, coats, and dresses).  Ornaments is an especially bad folder as it lumps so many totally unrelated and different items together.


Separate Folders for Companions and LMOs:

Maybe even seperate folders for different types of LMOs, like Gestures, Dancing, and Moving LMOs.  As it is now, the inventory folder and storage is a total mess for anyone who has a lot of companions and LMOs.  If Sony wanted to sell more of these they desperately need to fix this issue.


Improve the Character Saves Folder:

As it is now, you have to wait until all of your character saves loads before you can pick one or save a new one.  Instead of adding more character saves slots to the same folder as they did when they went from 9 to 24 and now to 48 for PS+ members, instead they should have multiple character save folders, with one page (12) saves each.  This way not only will it take a lot less time to load your saves before using them, but we would also finally be able to organize our characters.  For instance, you could use one folder for formal wear, another for swim wear, another for cosplay, etc, etc etc.


Restore the Crippled Targetting System:

It used to be we could target any item in our spaces, which allowed us to use chairs as quick transporters without using up unnecessary slots,  and saving a lot of time getting around.  Now some items you can't even target when they are RIGHT in front of you.  The idea this was some kind of improvement is laughable.


Allow for More Creativity:

This is a virtual world and there is plenty in Home that is not realistic and has no bearing on real world physics, so why then does Sony continue to cripple the creativity of users in their own personal spaces?  If Sony allowed people to be more creative, especially in their own personal spaces, it would drastically increase their user base - and sales of these spaces and items they use to be creative with.  Instead they have time after time taken away creative ways of decorating spaces and using those spaces.  For instance, we should be able to place items any where we like, even floating in the air.  Yes, there are glitches that allow you to still do that, but it should be a feature not a glitch.


Update Older Active Items:

The problem with most older active items is that they were assigned the default max 22 slot allocation, even though clearly many would only require as little as 1 slot.  While some developers are starting to update their older active items to lower their slot allocation, Sony has so far refused to do that.  The claim made by certain people is that the cost would not be worth it, but after speaking with someone from Digital Leisure, they said they were able to update their active item arcades from 22 slots to just 1 at practically no cost, and was very simple to do.  Furthermore, if these older active items got updated to use fewer slots, it would only encourage many to buy them that did not before due to the slot amount being so excessive.  Not only that, but by using fewer slots, it will allow users to add more items to their spaces, thus encourage more sales of other items as well.


The Ability to Save Multiple Layouts of Our Spaces:

Prior to 1.75, it was possible to do this by making copies of the individual space files, but to switch layouts you had to quit Home and copy the file(s) you wanted to switch to and then restart Home... But that was still a lot faster than removing all the items from a space and redecorating each and every time.  This allowed people to have special holiday themes to their spaces, some which easily took days to make.  1.75 however made all that effort useless as we can no longer simply swap files.  While they should have thought of that BEFORE going live with 1.75, the least they can do is add a feature that allows us to save multiple layouts.  Doing so would also promote the sale of more items to use to decorate those layouts with.


Ability to Sort Our Personal Spaces and Tag some as Favorites:

As it is now, the more spaces you own the more difficult and time consuming it is to try and find them in the list of spaces.  It would be very useful if we could tag some of them as favoroites so they are listed at the top.  At the very least they should list them Alphabetically.  Instead, as it is now, you have to try and remember when you bought the space in order to find it.


Improve the Shopping Experience in Home:

The fact that shopping in Home has only gotten worse lately makes you wonder if Sony really cares about sales in Home.  The removal of the Shears store has made it far more dificult to shop for hair items.  For one, there should be more grouped store categories, not less - like Shears.  For another, all stores should be available and easy to find in the Nav menu for quick purchases.  For another, ALL items should offer a preview, and not just single wardrobe items.  If it has special animation, then there should be a video preview option to click on.  For furnishings, in order to see the actual size, they should have a preview pic option that shows the item next to an average size avatar.


Bring Back Game Related Content:

Even if AAA game developers no longer are interested in making or even licensing content for Home, Sony should at the very least be offering Home related content for their own games, like they used to.


Improve the Ignore Option:

We should have the ability to not only make the avatar of someone that we are ignoring to disappear from our view - and not just make it appear as though they are looking away from you, but it should also make our avatar disappear from their view.  As it is, even if you ignore someone, from their POV they can continue to harass other avatars for the amusement of their friends around them.  If instead our avatar disappears from their view, it would end the incentive of abuse.  This also will help now that some LMOs are getting so huge and can be used to block someone view.  If we had the option to make them vanish that would help a great deal.


Belonging to More Clubs:

We should be able to belong to more than 5 clubs at a time.


Adding More Members to a Club:

We should be able to have more members in a club than just how many can fit in a clubhouse at one time - that way you don't have to constantly delete members and re-invite others to join in order for everyone to be able to get into the clubhouse at any given time.

Sony's PlayStation Home updated mission statement...

"Like it never happened"

- Stand for something better than mediocrity and don't disguise it as adequate, when clearly it is far from that to anyone willing to be objective and unbiased. -

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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 2, 2013
Photo frame standees
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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 2, 2013

A Gollum companion please.


Gollum companion

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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 2, 2013
More Asian developers
Tabletop tennis active item
Black jack table active items
Horse shoes active items
Tennis Court Personal Spaces
Bowling Alley Personal Spaces
Cherry Dinning Room
pine Dinning Room
Cedar dinning Room
maple dinning room
Oak Dinning Room
(above are sets)
Living room sets
Midway arcade Cabinets active items
Pinball machines
Paintball active item
Air hockey table active item
A roller skating rink public space
A ice skating public space
A RV personal space (see last years photos)
More decorative cookware
More cooking utencils
An update to:
D20 district
Novus prime
RC Rally

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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 2, 2013
Just a minor thing i agree with niltrate but the're something they should add to that and that's making able to choose at least 5 dance packs at a time and having a locomotion at the same time. For example i'm using an exomech, street moves dance pack 1 and 2, GTS street moves, toprock, kpop and my outfit animation at the same time. That way i won't have to keep changing my outfits or dance pack all the time.
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Re: April 2013 Suggestions!

Apr 2, 2013

Suggestion #1:

   Heavy H2O released several "Peeps" active items, but I'd love to see some more remote controlled stuff like RC Cars and RC Pets for our estates. It could be fun roaming around as a puppy when we have guest over, or perhaps a bird. Imagine how cool that would be (maybe they have silly emotes too?! For Halloween, you could release a ghost to scare friends. The idea is pretty simple, so you shouldn't need any pictures to get the idea: RC Animals and Cards for estates.


This also gives me some crazy personal space event ideas, if these can be under 22 Furniture Slots. *Nudge Nudge*


Suggestion #2:

   Wouldn't it be cool to have a Pet we can adopt and raise? Play fetch with, even name so our friends could reconize them? Animal Adoption (which include a matching Companion) for our estates. We must feed them to keep them happy, and play with them to keep them heathly.


I've always wanted a puppy we could interact with on Home. But please.. not a robotic pet. Naming them would be very cool too.


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