Jan 08 2013
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Anyone interested in joining my clan?

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And please don't be hateful if you do not like my post. This is my second post so I'm a beginner on here. The clan is called Clockwork Shadows. There's two leader guardians which is myself & delta. We have 6 guys & 1 girl ,but hey we just begun. The clan is basically for misfits and people who just want to cut up & have some fun. Ive noticed all the families,groups,packs,& clan revolve around one or a few topics but this clanis for everyone. Our tag is blue & so far own one beautiful club house. Meet up with me or MSG me. Hopefully I meet some new shadows Smiley Happy -WolfsLullaby

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Re: Anyone interested in joining my clan?

Jan 8, 2013

i dont want to be in your clan but me and my homies can rock with you whenever just add me


psn: face2007

DDM (Do Damge Mafia): face2007
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