Jun 29 2013
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Another Holiday, Another Missed QUEST Opportunity..

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Its sad the Quest Board is another wasted function of Home... I'm not gonna post the video again of what it was supposed to be since it really doesnt matter anymore and a waste of time even checking it... Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Another Holiday, Another Missed QUEST Opportunity..

Jun 29, 2013

Why would there be a quest when there is 2 rewards at Pier Park and Ribbie? There was no July 4th quest last year.

We just had one in February.

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Re: Another Holiday, Another Missed QUEST Opportunity..

Jun 29, 2013
Why should there even be a quest board. I think was what he meant.

My theory,
It was never intended to be for monthly quests and activities. It was created to allow clubs to advertise for things they wanted you to buy, for third party sales (i called them look what i can do, buy it meetings), amongst other far worse things. Once that part was abandoned the communities free-to-play entertainment simply wasn't an interest. But hey, theres always maskmas.
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Re: Another Holiday, Another Missed QUEST Opportunity..

Jun 29, 2013

Find a club. Most do their own quests. I run a club, and my big goal is just getting people to show up,lol. My club has kind of a history, so some people join, but no one seems to want to do anything. Right now, I have a" big" contest for my club members, but I am not saying it here, it is just for them, and is ending tomorrow night( probably). I also have what I call" mission or movie mondays" where we do little quests or watch a movie, I get some people interested in them. Sony probably thinks we are not interested. If I was in charge of the quests here, I would ask the developers to come up with quests that stay on the board for 2 months( no more than 2 at a time) not holiday quests which would be different. Each developer would come up with the idea of the quest and provide a free reward ( or rewards) with the option of the reward going into a shop for purchase at a later time( I have a friend that missed a reward, and was really upset, and I went to the hospital last year and missed several things). For summer time, for example, I wish someone would make a beach vollyball quest with prizes. I requested beach vollyball in suggestions before, but it didn't happen, maybe one day. Anyhow, all kinds of easy or mid level quests could be thought up as well as nice rewards, if the developers wanted to do it.

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