Dec 04 2012
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Animated - Platinum Picture Frame (SCAM)

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Located in Originals in the wall items. The .99 picture frame is large and you can actually upload pics to display. The animated platinum picture frame, well, not only is it only a quarter of the size of the .99 picture frame, but you can't upload pics to display !!!! This item is $4.99 !!!!!!!!! I have never FELT SO RIPPED OFF BY HOME UNTIL NOW !!!!! What am I supposed to do with this tiny minature picture frame? This item is good for NOTHING !!!!!!! 

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Re: Animated - Platinum Picture Frame (SCAM)

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Dec 4, 2012

Some do get refunds for items they purchase in Home. Seems to me you have a good case. The item isn't really a picture frame.


When spending 4.99 in Home it's often a good idea to try and check the item out in world first or inquire about it here before buying. Someone else posted about this same item yesterday if I'm not mistaken and was making the same conplaint. 


Check this link.

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