Nov 26 2012
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And the winner is....

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Hey guys, hope you are all having a great day. I just wanted to ask your guys opinions on who YOU thought had the best products this year in Home? Who was the manufacturing champ this year SO FAR since the year isn't over yet. My top 3 is based on what has been made the las couple of months since many things have came out within that time period. My top 3 is as follows:


1. Ndreams gets my pick again considering the fact they put together a nice personal space in the Blueprint Home which you can create your own apartment. If only the enviorments were expanded though. Also, they created many great locomotion items as well like the abilty to run fast, fly, ride an animal or have wings which by the way I personally think Ndreams' wings are better than the speed wings because with speed wings you feel more grounded and Ndreams' wings you feel like you're soaring more through the air. Also, Aurora is still packing it on and will keep getting more updates moving forward. F.U.B.A.R., although I didn't care for it too much but it is still popular amongst home users and gives that true strategy war game tha many people love. Also, Blimps is a fun and goofy game considering you're playing tag.....with Blimps lol. It's one of those games that, once it gets more updates then it will be more fun. But overall, Ndreams had another great year and they look to get better and better knocking off the Home giant that is Lockwood which is still a great company and one of my faves.


2. Hellfire is my second choice barely edging out my 3rd choice all because of the wonderful Home Tycoon game. That was Hellfire's only main thing they had this year and man it was a big one. Although the story mode was weak and way too short, in my mind, someday Hellfire will either expand it's story mode or add more expansion packs. Also, I believe they will add more buildings in the future as it is still new to Home and still needs to crawl a little more before it can ball. Even when it's still in its early stages, it's amazing how people are already getting creative with their cities. I hope Tycoon will expand it's features, story, buildings and enviornment sometime in the future to help build that replay value that makes a true game developer. Enviornments. Now I love the enviornment that the city is set in with the big hills and the beautiful ocean but if there is a way Hellfire can have mayors build another city in a totally different setting then that would be amazing! Imagine having a city in the mountains? Or set by ancient ruins? This would complete the experience of how unstoppable Tycoon can be in the game industry for Home users. Now, I'm not a big price person but $50 for 1600 coins?  $3 for 75 coins that you can barely do anything with? At best the 75 coins should be 99 cents. Also, speed Wings for $4? I know Ndreams' wings are not much different in price but I think you get more bang for the buck (I sound geeky talking about prices lol) with their wngs. Not saying the Speed Wings are bad at all. They're really cool but I just simply think Ndreams' has the better wings. Overall, Hellfie has a very bright future with Home Tycoon. And of course Novus Prime is always a fun game from Hellfire as well as the poker in the SportsWalk space. I must be honest hough, if it wasn't for Home Tycoon, Hellfire wouldn't make this list. They would be an honorable mention though definently which is still good.


3. This is actually a tie between *drumroll*......Juggernaut Games and Heavy Water. Origionally Juggernaut was my choice but then Heavy Water came out of nowhere to hit us with the beautiful Avalon Keep space and Survelance Hellicopter which looks pretty cool as well as the awesome Avalon Keep outfits that are featured in their store. Not to mention the new D2O public space (If I'm saying that right) which gives you a free item every week! Also, they have new Pinup Girls for the ladies out there (And guys that like to dress as girls for fun). The only thing missing from Heavy Water is locomotion items. They seem kind of out of cink (If I'm saying that right as well lol). They are the only major company not to have locomotion items besides Mass Media (Who fell off the face of the earth after a solid year last year). And Heavy Water is huge in Home. They are one of the origional manufacturers in Home and have more products in Home than anyone else other than Lockwood. If Heavy Water can get some "locomotion" going then they may someday ne back on top like back in the day when they used to battle it out with Lockwood. As for Juggernaut Games. I cannot praise them more for the success they are having as a young company only starting back in 2009. They have came along way and everything they put out one Home is Class A products. MiniBots facility & game. Seven Winds Palace which I though was a lot of fun when our avatars were soaring through the sky. Also, there is an expansion for all of you Cutteridge Estate owners. And then thos awesome Hoverdiscs (Which I'm DYING to get!) which come in beautiful designs and come at an incredible price for a locomotion item at 99 cents. Everthing that Juggernaut has done has been terrific but the only reason why they weren't higher on this list because the lack of items they have. Now, I heard they are affiliated with VEEMEE bu I cannot confirm that. They still need more items but that's ok as I know they will create many new things for Home users and I'm sure they will gain popularity just like the successful Cutteridge estate did as a personal space. Overall it was a great year for both of these teams with one being in the industry for 14 years and the other for only 3 years. Now, I gotta get that Hoverdisc!! lol


Honorable Mentions:

The ever popular Granzella which was a fan favorite on another manufacturing post. Gliettering Sands Beach is gorgous and the new GZ Burger personal space should be a hit with fans.

The legendary Lockwood Entertainment which came out with a hot new game in Uproar and now the recently released PanthaBots.


So there you have it! This is just my opinion but this post is for YOU guys so please feel free to reply with your top 3 and any honorable mentions you like and have a wonderful and safe day.


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Re: And the winner is....

Nov 26, 2012

1. Juggernaut

2. Digital Leisure

3. Granzella


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