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Re: - An Ode To Home -

May 30, 2013

MrFirstPlayer wrote:


Home is where the heart is,

Or so thats what they say...

But everytime I try to go

F13 gets in my way.


Once I thought I had it licked

Thought maybe it was done...

Until with haste my hopes were dashed

By error D5021.


Thank the Lord it's summer time

We can beat the heat with ease...

Just visit any of Homes new spots

And surley you will freeze.


Fanboys are gonna hate this

But sadly its too late.

If you told me once youve told me twice

Haters gonna hate.


And now Im off to try again

Perhaps ill see you there,

In just a few ill be online

After this HDD repair.



So. Beautiful.



I think I have a tear in my eye Smiley Tongue

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Re: - An Ode To Home -

May 30, 2013

This poem is hilarious and beautiful. I barely get any glitches. Sometimes prices won't display in Home stores but that's it.

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