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Re: Against $1.99! Please Read!!!!

Sep 1, 2009

PeAcHS08 wrote:

i dont mind spending moneyy. but we defiently dont have enuf "free stuff" like the other regions !!!!!! 


You know, that brings up one of my biggest pet peeves about these price increases.  Not only are they raising the prices, but they're charging us ever increasing amounts for items that are given away for free in every other region! For instance, a huge number of the ladies clothes and accessories that we've gotten over here, they came from other regions, where they were given away as complete and utter freebies! The pink suede shoes, multiple tops, several pairs of pants, et cetera.

Go look for yourself, you'll be shocked to see just how much we're being nickeled and dimed for things that weren't even created by the folks at SCEA, yet they're certainly charging us as if they were. After I saw that, I was endlessly frustrated that I actually paid for so many of those freaking items, and it's part of the reason I've decided not to spend any more money in Home on over-priced items that are given away in other regions.


And worst of all, they keep charging us for these freebies from other regions, yet when we ask for some of the other regions' nicer clothing, they make up excuses that they can't bring over items from other regions!! For instance, the black and white formal dress that was released in other regions alongside the mens' black suit with that black and white scarf. They brought over the outfit for the guys, but us girls? Nope! No luck! I've been told multiple times by HCMs that they can't bring items over whenever I ask about that, and yet somehow they can legally bring over the freebies and charge us for it, yet can't bring over the nice stuff for the girls? Uh huh, I'm done buying their lies and I'm done buying their freebies.

In short, I'm done being a chump!


So please, people, understand there's SO much more to this than people just not being able to afford items because they're poor. I'm employed, I have loads of disposable income; that's simply not the point. The point is a history of not only radical price increases, but also a complete disregard for the American consumer on the part of Home management. Why should we be nickeled and dimed for the EXACT same items that are given away for free in other regions? Answer me that. 

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Re: Against $1.99! Please Read!!!!

Sep 1, 2009



This is what you get. Your paying for virtual garbage JUST LIKE YOU ALL ASKED FOR.


It started with "I don't mind paying 49 cents" after all the FREE stuff was revoked from Beta.


Guess what???? Prices only go up, unless your at wal-mart.


In 2 years it will be $2.99 and so on.


You all had your chance to complain when they first started charging, now your all jacked.


Enjoy inflation kids!

Now If you will excuse me, the 3 Billy Goats Gruff are talking mad shiz about walking over my bridge
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