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Re: Acorn Medows Bike Question..

May 4, 2013
Thankyou Lunar, I wasn't too sure how it worked either but you've cleared that up nicely.
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Re: Acorn Medows Bike Question..

May 5, 2013

UltraPSX wrote:
Do the Veemee LMO bikes from the store also open up the rentals, or do you have to buy them from the park to ride 2-person?

I have one of the VeeMee bikes, purchased outside the park. I use this one in the park all the time, but it does not unlock challenges and rewards. I haven't tried renting one from the park, and cannot try now because the store isn't available to anyone, so I don't know whether it would open up the rental.


However, I have noticed that when I ride on the back of someone else's rented bike, it does unlock challenges and rewards for me, but not all of them. I have the challenge for riding a long time, but not the one for allowing many passengers.


When the store is available again, I will try renting one of the bicycles, and tell everyone what I find out.

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