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Re: Acorn Meadows Park Update

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Jun 26, 2013



Just wanted to say that I love the latest update of the Park. HeartWoman Very Happy It's an amazing work of art. A very realistic, original, innovative, very well illustrated space it has become.


I love the RC planes and how they fly. Heart I especially love the Picnic basket game how it animates, and how simple it is to invite others to come sit down with you. Heart


With the bikes now going straight through your Avy, I'm sure it has become one of THE most favorable places to be in Home. It is for me. Woman Very Happy A Super "S" with my thanks! HeartWoman Very Happy

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Re: Acorn Meadows Park Update

Aug 10, 2013

How about 100 XP and 20 daily acorns?  Like Aurora when it gives you daily xp.  I'm level 80 or so and done so without consumables or other booster items.  (yes, I'm a cheapskate. Due to cut hours)

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Re: Acorn Meadows Park Update

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Aug 24, 2013

I absolutely can not be the only one disgusted with this last update !!!!  I have done 10 races in the past 2 days..only 1 was achieved and worth only 10 xp.  all xp has been decreased by more than 50 %  when I read the updates I thought, what a nice addition...instead it became, OMG what a joke !!  So instead of lowering the prices of acorns, which is outrageous,  you make it so that no one is willing to pay for anything and walk away?? because thats what i'm doing to what was my favorite place in home.  I have 34 contacts, out of everyone I asked would you pay 50 dollars for 5000 acorns...everyone said no. We can buy REAL games for that price, like 'the last of us" or "Beyond" and that 50 doesn't pay for all that can be acquired in the park, it would take 100 dollars to buy al the items and pray for a running ring game and a few active items, the rest is mindless eye candy of which no one uses or displays.  Aurora cost less to play by more that 80% and we get 3 or 4 apartments and a boatload of active items.  peakvox cost 5 to 10 for the average and for that the games( of which the person choose) were enjoyable and a update to which what we already purchased is still useable in game for new achievements.  What's the mater with you folk at Veemee.?? 


How about you do the real figures since your management team can't

1 million people buy 50 $ of acorns  =  50 million

that would be your wealthy and welfare


now add

50 million times 20 $

that's the difference in catering to only one set of people instead of " everyone"

your loss

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Re: Acorn Meadows Park Update

Sep 2, 2013

I really like what has been done with the park so far, I have a few suggestions:


1 Allow people that hire a picnic to be able to pack up their picnic and set up in a different location if they so wish to, instead of having to quit and then hire the picnic again, this way when they are trying to fill up their picnic, specially the big one, if they are in a bad spot they can relocate and have a better chance of doing so.


One thing I noticed with the picnics is that many users will attempt to join but it won't let them, instead they just get frozen in place unable to do anything, we have to press start and then X button to quit, the only way to solve this is leaving the park and returning but this is not 100% guaranteed to solve the issue, it can happen with one person doing a picnic but on another person's picnic it can work just fine.


2 Make the swan boats invisible to the RC boats and vice-versa so that they don't cause collisions as this can be frustrating when trying to do the lake tasks.


3 Either, make the helicopters a little faster or increased the time countdown, as sometimes in some of the tasks it's practically impossible to reach some of the markers in time.


4 Having the option to purchase the picnic sets and the Swan boats so we can hire them without having to pay for renting them like we can do with the RC rentals and bike rentals.


5 Look into the levelling up system and the acorns awarded as we level up I think from level 22/23 the experience required is always incresing every level, but the number of acorns received when levelling up is always the same 25, it needs to be changed it's very unfair in my opinion.


6 Introduce some kind of acorn reward for visiting frequently like it has been mentioned before Aurora and the Casino do this kind of thing and I think it's good, 10 acorns for visiting each week for example.


That's all I can think of right now, keep up the good work.

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