Jun 02 2013
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A problem with the Lockadoodle club house

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I heard that in the personal spaces that only the people who own lockadoodle could play it, but I thought that if one has the club house, it would be open to everyone( and that maybe, people could see it and buy their own if they wish) not true, unfortunatly. I own the club house on my alternate account, and only I can play it. I tried it as another account, and it couldn't play( because someone in my club complained to me about it). So, I am in the market now, for yet another club house skin, because this one failed me

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Re: A problem with the Lockadoodle club house

Jun 2, 2013
Yep, this has been a hot topic on these forums. Especially since the clubhouse description doesn't mention anything about guests having to own the game.

Best thing to do in the future is to search these forums before making a purchase you are unfamiliar with.

Let's hope Lockwood opens it to guests at some point. I'm not sure if that is very likely though.
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