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Re: A little help with choosing a personal space to buy

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Apr 29, 2013


I'm late for this party, but ;

my pick would be the Neptune Suite. Huge. Multiple levels. Awesome underwater scenery.

Two interactive games; a puzzle game , and a Shooter game. Neon Dance floor/Game room. Firepit. Two Aquariums. A Robot.

A couple of in-spaceTransporters that take you to different places within the Suite.



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Re: A little help with choosing a personal space to buy

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Apr 29, 2013
Wow, that space looks pretty nice too

Thanks a lot for the suggestions, and thank you King for letting me visit the Jewel space, i really liked it. Pretty awesome atmosphere.
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Re: A little help with choosing a personal space to buy

Apr 29, 2013
....Now I'm tempted to add Seven Winds to my spaces lol. Both have similar theme so I could mix and match stuff hehe... And get to enjoy flying without a carpet. :-)
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Re: A little help with choosing a personal space to buy

Apr 29, 2013

Loco Island!!!!

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Re: A little help with choosing a personal space to buy

Apr 30, 2013

PinkJulia wrote:
Hi, i usually dont buy personal spaces, i have the Lock a doodle studio but i just couldnt resist purchasing it.

Now i want to buy one, but i would love a personal space that makes me want to return, and that is worth the money i spend. Which one do you think is the most fun? One that is easy to decorate, and has some form of minigame built into it, or at least some nice rewards that require some time to get

Thanks in advance

I own the Go Fish Apartment. I think it fits what you're looking for. It is a small beach apartment with fishing game. It costs $ 6.99.


Because it is quite small space, It does not need to decorate. However, I put my rewards from the Digital Leisure fish tank, Tiki music bar and fish chairs here.



Here is the dock. The fishing chair in the picture is the reward from Moon Forest Apartment.


Here are rewards;

1) A fish tank.  It automatically fills up with the various fish that you catch.

2) 2 fishing rods. It needs to unlock them to catch bigger fishes.

3) Fishing outfits for both male and female avatars

4) 3 Legend Fish wall hangings; Legend Catfish, Legend Marlin and Legend Piranha.

5) The Underwater Apartment. It needs to catch all 3 Legend fishes. To catch them, it is not easy. Certain times certain fish are more active. They are big and difficult to reel in.



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Re: A little help with choosing a personal space to buy

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May 3, 2013

chicagotops wrote:

One of my favorites spaces. Ever.
It already has some baked in furniture which is awesome and properly located. U can turn it into so many things.
Many things fit there and themes play a great role there.
It has a reward. Nothing special though.
Theres also a baked in music player. It plays awesome music thats perferctly suited for the space.
And theres two levels. Its huge and creepy and has tons of potential.
Its a beautiful spot. I hope it inspires You.
If u need inspiration... Im the guy to talk to.

Honorable mention also goes out to the red bull house of sk8. But i dont think u can get that anymore...

Agreed.  It's amazing that Rapture was one of the earliest spaces, yet since then almost no other spaces since feature many of the things that make it such an interesting and fun space.  It has doors that open and close (even a trap door that you can make your friends fall through when standing on).  It has a puzzle of sorts that requires you to figure out how to open the locked gates and the locked door to the attic.  It had things you could interact with, like the poster, music player, and tape recorder - which everyone in the space can see and hear, not just each person's own POV as is the case so often now.


It also had some of the best lighting and sound effects of any space since.


It's also a fun place to use the Essence of Tides and go scuba diving in:


20130426 155156.jpg


20130426 155222.jpg



You would think after four years we would see similar if not better personal spaces, but with only a few notable exceptions I can't honestly say that's the case.

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