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Re: A fellow MVPs stance on "Trolling"

May 29, 2013

SiouxsiSioux wrote:

It's obvious a lot of people depend on playstation for various reasons,many use it as their only means of social contact,some use this as a means to validate themselves as having worth,talent,a reason to be...Simply because they have something to do with their time finally,go on Home.Many,true,have mental problems and usually can be spotted in the crowd prettly easily.Other's I call armchair bullies or behind the screen.The anonymity  the internet provides usually brings out the worst in those who are capable of it anyway,rather than the best.   I've also found the hypocrsy of those crying unfair and unjust treatment to be nothing more than an armchair bully not getting the result it wants...,,, for example...i've been called troll,stalker,freezer,many things I can't repeat here,for no other reason than someone doesn't like my presence..And believes if they say those things loud enough and repeatedly they can achieve the results they want,which is nothing more than you to leave,a space you have every right to be in..The same people would also clone your screen name and leave posts on the twitter board trying to cause trouble and perhaps a bit of drama to their otherwise meaningless lives?Any readers feel free to go read the twitter boards at peak ninja and see for yourself,my real name posted along with clones of my name,two actually,this done by one of the loudest squeekers of all,whos favorite words here are I said,the ones with the biggest problems,who are treating off the fact they hide behind a screen,are Home's biggest problemsSmiley Wink

Lol, I never wouldve thought to see you posting in this forum in this thread, Sioux. 


There's my laugh for the day.


Carry on.

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Re: A fellow MVPs stance on "Trolling"

May 29, 2013
Well said...if you get too upset just remenber....PS3 comes with its very own off button.
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