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Re: A chance bump in with Cydonia

Nov 27, 2009

yingyangdr96 wrote:

Pie_Destroyer_13 wrote:

Well what really happen was Chronos left Fight night club, a few minutes later I decided to leave and followed him, when I arrive there was chronos and one another guy by Cyd. For me it was fun when a friend showed and we had a huge debate over if Cyd was really Cyd because her staff jacket wasn't on and text wasn't white, but finally me and chronos got her 2 finally see it was her and Cyd pulled jacket out to confirm it

She was using the PS3 in her house. Thats why she has no MOD tag. She told me that. If she uses the PS3 in work she has the MOD tag.


didnt know that lol but did know it was Cyd and was trying to get friend to know who said that shes fake because she can report her, text not white, and no staff jacket
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