Aug 21 2013
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A Word of Thanks to VeeMee

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The Acorn Meadows Park Apartment-Nighttime is  absolutely beautiful.  I would like to extend these words of thanks to the folks at VeeMee for implementing this personal space as a reward.  I feel this is nothing short of incredible considering the recent release of the daylight version of this personal space.  If you would like to join me in praise of this generous gesture on the part of VeeMee, please leave your thanks for them here. 

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Re: A Word of Thanks to VeeMee

Aug 21, 2013

That is very cool of them. For those that might have missed the requirements to win it, what are they?

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Re: A Word of Thanks to VeeMee

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Aug 22, 2013

Two users, ogeese and bestscreenname, covered the requirements to earn this reward in the thread Acorn Meadows:  New Rewards-Pics/Guide starting at around page four or five of that thread.  Check it out for the requirements.  I would post links, but am unsure as to how this is done.  The good news is that this reward is easily obtained and well worth the effort. 

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Re: A Word of Thanks to VeeMee

Aug 22, 2013

I just got it after finishing the trash picking up task. It is a big surprise....

Thank you VEEMEE. I think I'll buy the daytime version as well.


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Re: A Word of Thanks to VeeMee

Aug 22, 2013

Maybe you should make a "HUGE" picture thread to thank them in 2 months.

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