Dec 17 2013
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A Christmas message from Jam Games

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I saw this posted in the EU forums by Mia Walls not sure if it applies to NA, either way its a nice verse from Jam Games


JAM’s Christmas Verse!


‘Twas in the days before Christmas,

And throughout our virtual land,

Residents were getting excited,

What did the devs have planned?


Now’s the time to share the fun,

We bring you gifts galore,

One of which sits inside,

Our fantastic Jam Jar store!


As darkness falls, the snow does too,

It twinkles on the floor,

On the table, there it is!

A place for you to explore!


It’s a miniature world, all glistening with snow,

A Christmas party pad!

Complete with igloo and hot tub,

It’ll make the season glad!


Wishing you all peace, love and happiness!

JAM Games



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Re: A Christmas message from Jam Games

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Dec 17, 2013

The verse sounds like an advertisment for the Snowglobe personal space. There is a nice free furniture item in the Store with the Snowglobe space and related items. It is a holiday decorated table with a snowglobe on it. I almost missed this free item.



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Re: A Christmas message from Jam Games

Dec 17, 2013
It's for the snowglobe place. Our club uses as a HQ. Has "hot spring" & igloo, built to look like santas house
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