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Re: 1st Come = NO 1st Serve

Apr 12, 2007

BWCheese wrote:

Whitey6 wrote:
I could care less about my post count. Now go back to school and go to English class beacuse I'm sick of reading grammar errors. I have highlighted yours in red. I don't care if this is a gaming forum, dO yOu WaNt To ReAd StUpId CrAp LiKe ThIs ThAt YoU cAnT rEaD? Posting messages like that is the same as posting without proper grammar, and yes, if I see you posting without grammar I will call you on it.

Actually if you wanted to use proper grammar, you should not have said "I could care less."  In reality what you were trying to say was that you couldn't care less.  If you "could care less," then that would mean that you do care.  Sorry just trying to hold the same high standards as you.  I guess your grammar skills are limited to what Microsoft Word will correct.  One other thing, go kill yourself!

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Re: 1st Come = NO 1st Serve

Apr 12, 2007
Jesus christ, you guys are freakin' vultures going at each other like dead animals

How about we end the anger, frustration over grammar, and death threats

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