Mar 13 2012
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will ps vita digital copied games work for any vita?

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i wanted to know if someone was to copy their digital copies to the comp can they put the copied game on another ps vita? or are they only compatible with the vita they were first downloaded on. thats like doing the iso/cso hack. cause i dont think you can. some guy around the block was saying he can and the games will work and we will also get the dlc with it.

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Re: will ps vita digital copied games work for any vita?

Mar 13, 2012

NO. Just like the older psp games, the downloaded versoins of the games are specificly coded to only work on vitas registered to your account only. This is sonys way to keep ppl from easily trying to pirate the games or so called share the games. This also means once you buy the downloaded game its yours till the end of time or if you chose to delete it and never download it again from sonys servers.

So in a nutshell, no. The games are specificly coded to only run on your vita registered to your specific account.

This is also one of the main reasons why some ppl do not want digital downloads because you cant resell the game, you cant trade it and because of the new changes only 2 registered handhelds on your account can only have the game downloaded to it to have fun with. Hope this answers your question.

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