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Re: who would like to attend E3?

May 19, 2013

FreshRevenge wrote:

kingbro1 wrote:

I would like too go, especially if Nintendo decided to have a conference this year (I still think that was a big mistake). I'm sure Sony's will be good, though. Microsoft's past couple conferences were terrible, but this year's shouldn't be as bad with the 720, Infinity, Durango, NeXtBox, or whatever you want to call their next console.

it is kinda of funny, Nintendo was great when I was kid, because it was new at the time. Now that I am older in my mid thirties( **bleep** I am getting old) The last two E3 Nintendo conferences have made me yawn. Watching Reggie speak makes my eyes leave the screen and shut it off.  I will be surprise if they can pull a rabbit out of the WiiU this E3? Personally I think they need someone else besides Reggie speaking, unless they want people to go into comas?


I am still waiting for May 21st to see what Microsoft has to reveal. I am not overly concern of what sort of Xbox 720 or whatever they decide to call it.


So far it seems with Gaikai being integrated into the PS4, it mainly going to be focus on games. I am sure Sony hasn't really disclosed all the details about the PS4 back in Febuary.  I feel almost that Sony should have waited on the specs. I can see all the design teams at Microsoft just spilling their coffees over the 8GB of RAM. Bill Gates calls in and says make a 10 GB RAM memory and do it now! Not sure if they can do that but oh well. Will be interesting. I think I read that Killzone was using about 3GB of RAM.



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  • I agree about Nintendo's past couple conferences. While not terrible, they could have been much better. Reggie can be entertaining at times, but he is not the reason I watch E3. Last year, Reggie and the Non-Specific Action Figure were the best aspects of that conference, and there were little to no game reveals.
  • That is very likely.
  • I remember reading somewhere that Killzone 4 runs at 30FPS. And some of that 8GB of RAM won't be used for games, but all the social features used while playing games. Makes me wonder about Killzone 5 and other future games.
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