Dec 02 2011
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upset about autoupdate feature

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The primary reason I was considering keeping PS+ was for the autobackup feature.  And when I saw that the new firmware would let me choose patch preferences per game, I thought this would be great. Little did I know how crappy the current setup is or that the new firmware does nothing to fix it.

First off, I declined the skyrim patch download (because I'm not an idiot) and Sony later downloaded and patched it anyway.    And for the record, I was forced to firmware update to use netflix, but saw no option for Skyrim other than the save game autoupload.  The next day I come back and skyrim has not only autoupdated but autoclobbered all of my backed up save files, wtf, i declined the update. 

This fun means that

a) I get to wait two weeks to play (or have to avoid mages)

b) if anything is wrong with that clearly untested patch, i have no backup for 50 hours of gameplay.

c) I have no way to stop this from happening again with any poorly patched game unless I turn off autoupdate entirely because you don't track my preferences,  provide no versioning of saves, and apparently tie patch autoupdates and save uploads to the same systemwide setting.

and all of this leads to:

Me using USB to backup my games and have less of a reason to use PS+. 

And if you think your new firmware provides game specific patch settings, you're wrong. It's not on my nice 4.0 machine in the settings and you certainly don't track whether a user declines a patch. And what idiot though it would be a good idea to tie automatic backup to automatic patch updates anyway?

So here's my question:

Where is the supposed new setting?

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Re: upset about autoupdate feature

Dec 2, 2011

1. You can delete the games patch from Game Data Utility in the XMB

2. To turn off Auto Patch Downloads go to System Settings under Settings, Select auto update, Select On, it will run you through you Auto-Update settings options.

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Re: upset about autoupdate feature

Dec 3, 2011

Thank you! I looked all over for that information online and didnt see anything... they should put it in the main post or make it more obvious.

I cant downgrade because the patch autochanged all the save games and then the migrated saves clobbered the ones on PLUS.  That's bethesda's issue though.

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