Dec 07 2012
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tints24's Community Spotlight 12/15-1/5 Entry

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I have never really been a person who is overly devoted to any brand or line of products. I grew up in a Mac household (back when that was something to be mocked), though my smartphone preference lies with Android devices. My next computer will probably be a Windows or Chromebook.


Similarly, my video game console choice has never settled with one company. While I started with Nintendo 64, I eventually upgraded to a PS2. Originally I primarily played sports games on it. When the games began to wane in quality compared to the new consoles around 2006, I did not think I wanted to continue on a new console. The games didn't mean as much to me after actually playing hockey in high school and starting tackle football games on campus with friends at college. The price of the consoles definitely didn't help at the time.


From the fall of 2007 into 2008, I roomed with a kid who had an Xbox 360.  I gradually became more interested in video games again. When we weren't studying or engaged in activities outside the dorm, I'd spend a little time playing.  I continued my trend of mostly playing first person shooters and sports games, nothing too out of my element. By the summer of 2008, I was ready to purchase a console of my own.


The free online play and the included Blu Ray player were probably the most important reasons for purchasing a PS3 initially. Also, at the time there were reliability concerns with the Xbox 360 (that dreaded red ring of death actually hit my roommate's console by our second year living together). I didn’t read as much about the yellow light of death that was just beginning to hit the original PS3 systems.


At the time, I knew nothing about the PSN. I quickly bought Pain and The Last Guy after bringing my PS3 home. That was my first dip into the world of indie games. I began seeing the potential of different genres outside of just shooters and sports games. I couldn't wait for Littlebigplanet and fell in love with Infamous and Uncharted. Recently I've been enamored by the stunning gameplay of Dyad, the storytelling and the unique gameplay that is The Unfinished Swan, the all-out ridiculousness of Tokyo Jungle, and the platforming fun and musical aspect of Sound Shapes, to name a few. I donated to the Sportsfriends Kickstarter. The appeal was very strong coming from a sports game background. After watching some gameplay videos, I can't wait to receive my alpha copies. I'm also now halfway through a Playstation Plus subscription which has been a fantastic investment. The Instant Game Collection has allowed me to experience many new games, as well as some discounts that have helped towards some of the games mentioned above. 


When I bought my PS3, I mostly cared about it fulfilling a need. I never imagined it could open up a whole new world of experiences.

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