Jan 18 2013
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sony support page dont work on vita

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so has i posted before havin trouble with my email app, so i went to the support page to see if  i could get help. got to the page and tried to put my info in and the page wouldnt load. you click on product and the page goes weird and wont load. this drove me nuts.i checked with a few friends to make sure it wasnt just my vita.. they had the same problem, the page wouldnt load right, so i got sonys email address and emailed about this issue that the support page dont work on vita. i attached a photo to the email showing them what the page looks like on the vita. i got a email back saying that if i have issues with my screen to send it in for repairs, they said make sure to include the serial number, which i dont have, the freaking sticker came off months ago. they went on to say if i dont have the serial number i cant get it repaired. like wow, what  bunch of bs. there wasnt anything wrong with my screen, they didnt even take the time to read my email, they just thought my vita was broken andthat there was nothing wrong with their own site. i cant get over these people. they dont know WTH their doing. needless to say, my email back to them wasnt very friendly.  just thought i'd share this with u all.

   so keep in mind, dont loose your serial number or u wouldnt be able to get ur vita repaired if something happens.

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Re: sony support page dont work on vita

Jan 18, 2013
The site works fine for me. You wouldnt have been able to use it anyway because you need your serial to put in there too.
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Re: sony support page dont work on vita

Jan 21, 2013

So i got a email back from sony about the support page not working on vita :

   Unfortunately, part of the reason for this is because the PS Vita™ will not
install software that has not yet been officially tested or approved by SCEA.
While yes this is happening on our page there are certain portions of our
website that require special media players, software, or plug-ins (i.e.,
Quicktime, etc.) to view content will not display on the PS Vita's™ Internet
Browser. As well on other websites as well. In addition, the PS Vita™ does not
support any third party Internet Browsers (i.e., Internet Explorer, Firefox,
etc.) at this time.

  as for what u said torch1177...., you can go to the page but you can not put  the product in because the page wont load. here is the photos of what it looks like2013-01-16-205741.jpg

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