Jan 25 2012
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reset/backup/restore question

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I was told that maybe resetting my system might help fix a few problems I'm having, otherwise I may be heading to YLOD. In playing with backup/restore, I noticed a couple things I'd like to get clear before completely resetting my system. If I change out my HD, I still have all the profiles on my system when the new HD is put in. So that tells me some info is stored in the flash and others in the HD.

So if I reset my system to factory defaults, I presume it will wipe all my profiles in the process. So will "restoring" a full backup actually restore the profiles, or not? Basically, what I'm asking is how to essentially reset the system to factory default and still be able to rebuild the profiles later.

Also slightly unrelated question, but I also noticed that backups do not backup trophies. I have several children who have trophies, yet they are not "old enough" to have valid PSN accounts. Since the correct way of backing up and restoring trophies is to sync with PSN, then re-sync back from PSN later, how do you do this for younger children. Please don't say create an account with the wrong age... It's not because I'm a choir boy and don't want to lie about their ages, it's really because you can't change the age later, and one of the reasons for creating sub-accounts is for the parental controls. If my 6 year old has a 13 year old PSN account, then when they are 11, PSN will think they are now adults. So I'd really rather not create false PSN accounts just to back this stuff up.

Edit: Frankly, I'd rather not create PSN accounts for any of them at all, not yet anyway, and certainly not just for the purpose of backing up their profile when I upgrade the HD. That seem rather stupid that Sony only supports using PSN to backup trophies when they have age limits for creating working accounts.

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