Dec 23 2011
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"message code 3" explanation from what i understand

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PS3 is starting to look worse with every update that Playstation comes out with. I backed up my movies to make my life easier and now I can’t watch them even if, I legally own them. PS3 used to be so good until they put more and more restrictions like Cinavia DRM technology, that restricts backed up DVDs and digital video like that which you would download or create and play back on a USB or fat32 formatted hard drive. You now receive an “error message 3”on the screen when attempting to play. The way this Cinavia DRM technology works, from what I have researched, is by watermarking the audio to verify that it is the original and restricting video after a few minutes of play back. They’re even some reports the rental are failing on the PS3 because of the Cinavia

             It started with Playstation making PS-one and PS2 games incompatible with newer PS3 systems in order to make more money by selling the same games on the PSN store. Leaving all those loyal customers “like me “who own the original games to re-purchase them or to set up their old PS2 console on an already cluttered up media stand. And then it removed the ability to install a separate operating systems via another update. I understand that Sony deals with a lot of piracy and is a huge distributer of the movies themselves but, they also have to understand that by making it harder for us to use their product and view their movies it is going to hurt them in the long run. I really don’t want to buy an Xbox 360 but, if it is easier to use with my media, I might have to convert.

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Re: "message code 3" explanation from what i understand

Dec 23, 2011

I've never had a problem with any video I've played on my PS3. I've even had friends come over with movies that they "acquired" from the internet on a thumb-drive, and they worked perfectly (post FW4.0). But maybe I've just been lucky.

Personally, I've never bought a video from PSN Store, just because of the 1 system activation, etc, etc. There are less-restrictive ways of getting digital video that I prefer to use.

One small correction to your post...

All PS3's, regardless of model #, can play PS-One discs. Although some discs will not work, but it's always been like that. Well wait a sec, I take that back. Sony has actually made improvements to PS-One compatibility issues in past firmware updates, so more of them work now than at the system's original launch.

Other OS...  Meh, The courts have officially dismissed the case anyway.

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Re: "message code 3" explanation from what i understand

Dec 24, 2011

ive never had a problem like that.... must be the software you are using to backup your movies.

As for Sony axing b/c.... it was used to promote PS3 software sales, where Sony makes the most money, especially when Sony was still losing money on every PS3 sold at that time.

If PS2 games were still being purchased for those who just bought a PS3, whatever money is profited, goes to the developer because of licensing and copyrights, very little ever goes to Sony, if only for repackaging/redistribution.

Digital distribution on select games is a natural progression, and is more geared towards using the games on PSP/Vita. Have you ever tried playing a PS1/2 game on an HDTV?

Plus, you can still get a brand new PS2 slim for $80-100. Its not THAT big of a deal.

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Re: "message code 3" explanation from what i understand

Oct 10, 2012

Guys, I hope this works for you....


on your Windows Media Player, Click the


[ Stream ] ----> [ Allow remote control ] ------> [ Automatically allow device ] 


( for me it works to prevent the Code 3 of cinavia, I think this set up will use the codecs of your Windows Media Player ) so the Cinavia Code 3 will not appear on your ps3 ) I'm not 100% sure about this thing but still I'm testing it, so I hope it will last......



God Bless Us All..... Smiley Happy)

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