Mar 21 2012
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"Title Fight" Dream Lineup (Part 2)

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First off, let me say Arjmand had this idea originally, but was directed to repost it as a list of his favorite lineup for the rumored “Title Fight.” It’s been two weeks since then, so I decided I’d repost it with my lineup dream team and reasons for each character. I’d love to hear feedback on everything in the list and more suggestions from my fellow gamers!

Kratos: I think Kratos is just the ultimate no-brainer when it comes to fighting games. Here’s in Mortal Kombat, the epitome of fighting games, for Zeus’ sake! Wielding the Blades of Chaos against endless hordes of enemies or the gods themselves is fun, but fighting against another human controlled opponent is his chance to shine…more. From Hermes’ boots, to the Icarus Wings, to Medusa’s Head, etc, he has an endless amount of unique combat tools and specials that would make him a versatile fighter.

Bosses from God of War series: Ares, Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Cronos, Hercules. This is me narrowing down an already fun list of adversaries. It’s hard to choose from these, but I’d go with Ares, Zeus, and Hercules. Cronos would have to be shrunk down and I would not want that! Ares has his awesome (but annoyingly hard) spikes on his back, Zeus because you already got a GREAT 2D battle with him, and Hercules because those Cestus fists and his stature make him a intimidating enemy (despite his speed limitations)

Ratchet and Clank: I wasn’t sure if I wanted them together or apart, but I chose apart (but put them together for the list). From the fun of turning Kratos into a sheep with the Sheepinator, to obliterating your enemies with the RYNO, the weapons at Ratchet’s disposal are endless! Clank can focus on time warping abilities or eat enemies with the great Tanglevine Carnation, plus can soar above the competition.

Crash Bandicoot: Spinning is a great attack for the PS1 era but besides the Fruit Bazooka, what else does he have? Well, some of the power-ups from Nitro Kart could help Crash, to using weapons like Dingodile’s Flamethrower or laying down Ripper Roo TNT panels on the battlefield. And if I say Crash should get in the game, I also suggest Doctor Neo Cortex: got to have his main enemy to fight.

Sweet Tooth: Ok, there’s a lot of interesting Twisted Metal characters that could be fighters, but the stand-out has to be Sweet Tooth. I mean, he got a real life ice cream truck and live appearance in last year’s E3! From getting to blow up enemies with mini-trucks full of bombs or turning into a mech-ice cream truck, he’d be a blast to control.

Nariko: Heavenly Sword is a game I still play to this day, thanks to performances from Andy Serkis and Anna Torv (and the others of course). The eponymous sword has three different forms of attack, so that would be interesting to incorporate. For long distance she could use the rocket launcher from the game or call in Kai for some Twing Twang!

Flying Fox: Out of all the enemies in Heavenly Sword, his insanity is hilarious and chilling and his ability to zip about a room without being seen is a helpful ability. Runner up would be King Bohan.

Nathan Drake: Um, why not? Handy with a gun, his melee powers have improved, and nothing is more demoralizing to the enemy than a witty quip. Also Sully, Elena, Eddy Raja, or even Lazarević. They’d all be somewhat similar in abilities, except Lazarević, who could go on a Tree of Life resin rampage.

Sly Cooper, Murray, Bentley: All three are a must! Just look at all their special abilities from Honor Among Thieves. Murray was quite the brawler, Bentley has his brains and bombs, and Sly with his cane and Raccoonus moves. Well, ok, then you could take the entire cast of the 3rd game (minus Guru) and any enemy from the entire series (even if they turned friendly. Either way, they all have options for many different abilities).

Cole McGrath: Another no-brainer. Super-hero or villain varieties, with his lightening blasts, grenades, boosters, to ionic powers, he’s got a skill set that is meant to beat up on the other Playstation characters.

Parappa the Rapper: Sure, this one is an odd duck, but so is Jigglypuff and it has managed to still be a combatant. Timing is everything for Parappa, so why not make him a secretly powerful character that takes lots of skill to master since button mashing wouldn’t be an option? Hello variety!

Spyro the Dragon: Let’s face it, he needs to appear in a mature orientated game and this is the best chance he has!

Jak and Dexter: Don’t shoot me, but I haven’t played these games…yet! But from what I know and have seen they should be in the game. If Ratchet and Clank are then they should be as well.

Sackboy(girl): Slaps of doom, the paintinator, and maybe stickers to block opponents view. I don’t know, but the Sack has got to be in this!

Well, this is just a small list, but with this game long overdue for Playstation fans, I’m sure they’ll do this right. Please sound off below! (E3 announcement this year? I’d place my bets!)

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