Nov 03 2012
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pulse headset not working

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My pulse headset keeps blinking even when off and does not sync with dongle I have tried the reset procedure and I'm sure I'm doing it right but it seems to have no effect. I think this is cause the headset is stuck already in reset mode. I have left it on for 10 hrs over night but light keeps blinking. I just got these when they first came out never treated them badly. Is there anyone who could possibly explain the reset better or does any one know another fix. I get sound if I was as wired and on off position but I bought these headsets for the wireless too lol. Someone help.
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Re: pulse headset not working

Dec 30, 2012

This same thing happened to me.


The reset procedure will not work for this issue (not for me at least).


The battery will keep blinking until the headset battery drains, so just leave the headset on over-night.

When you charge the battery and plug it back in, it should be able to pair up.


However in my experience, the same problem happened again.


In the end, the only real fix seems to be to just get a new pair. Luckily I was able to return mine for a new set.


I believe this headset just has issues. I think this problem is pretty common. 

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