Sep 17 2012
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psn community spot light entree

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I've been a huge fan of sony since I was little from psone classics to psvita's vivid oled screen. I kept to my word and stayed a sony costumer for ages to come. I've already develop a huge collection of games and it's still climbing. People are always telling me oh sony sucks it has bad graphics but until i **bleep** sure is going to get better sony needs a break to, and the customer service is amazing never had a problem with it if i have a problem they take care of it quick so thank you sony and the game creators who made my life fun again. some day i hope to work for sony as a game tester which the tester is a really great show i've watched ever season and can't wait for another season to come out so sony play on.

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Re: psn community spot light entree

Sep 18, 2012

umm great story but you have to write in paragraph and write more than that, plus it has to be clean like clean story they can't accept censored curse words. But great story.

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