Jan 02 2012
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ps3/psp deactivation/reactivation

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I recently had issues trying to transfer some comics that i bought off the psn store. I had purchased them thru the media go software. When I tried to transfer them to my psp it said that I couldn't. I think the error was that I had to many Psp on my account. Which is strange since I only have 2 PSPs. I called up sony and after about 20minutes it was fixed and I was able to transfer my comics over. I then also had several PSP games that I had purchased and decide to put them on my psp. It failed saying almost the samething that I got when I transfer failed for the comics. I tried to activate my psp onto my account again but the error code that it gave me was for that it couldn't connect to the psn server. Now for some reason my ps3 games that I have on my ps3 are not working saying that I have to log onto the account that purchased the games on. I again tried to activate the system but it failed as well. Is anyone having the same issue? I'll probably call sony monday afternoon and ask for some help.

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