Jan 26 2012
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ps3 freezing during multiplayer.

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so ive had this 360mb INFamous bundle ps3 for about 5-6 week now. for a couple of those weeks its been freezeing durring online matches peridoicly, freezing as in unable to do anything, even get into the psn thing and requires a manual shut off.

i have a DSL wierd modem, it work's,  ran the internet test with it an hour ago, everything looked good except nothing came up for the download or upload speed. since about 1pm pst jan 25, 2012 , i have been un able to play my killzone 3 online, a bunch of network errors happen.  bad company 2, got in 2 matches, then half way through the third it froze.

is there a fix for this? or will i have to give up online gaming with the ps3 all togeather?

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Re: ps3 freezing during multiplayer.

Jan 27, 2012

Check the signal strength, PS3 is a pain to use online when its not 100%

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