Aug 07 2011
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ps vita saved memory

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i understand the ps vita games will either be by download or by game chips when u purchase at a store. i heard that with the game chps it stores saved data,add on

and etc.... is this true?

what would be the best way to save memory download or chip?

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Re: ps vita saved memory

Aug 7, 2011

Yes, it only makes sense that downloadable content and save data from games are saved directly to the game card, instead of the memorystick. If you download games then you would be using up space on your memory card, but if you buy the games from the store you can save space on your memory card. This is what I plan to do, because I want the most space possible on my memory card for psn exclusives, minis, apps, movies and music. The advantage of downloading is that you get to keep multiple games on one memory card, instead of carrying around game cards. But still, its not like you would be carrying around 10 games when your stepping out, so I prefer buying the game cards.

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