Jul 09 2012
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ps+ auto upload not working right.

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so I only have 25 MB left on my cloud storage (seriouslt they shoulda given us 1gig.. or at least 500mb) and theres a game I have set to auto upload that has a 23MB save file size... that takes umm almost all of the little space I have left so I didnt want that one uploaded anymore... so I delete it from cloud storage then go to the game on the xmb press triangle and turn auto upload off.... yet the next day it shows that auto upload put it on the cloud again...

what did I do wrong? how do I make it stop uploading that save?

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Re: ps+ auto upload not working right.

Jul 9, 2012

i know it sucks to say this--- but save all your non-protected saves on a flash drive

the cloud at this size should be used only for protected saves that wont transfer

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